F.A.Q. Construction Thread


I still believe it will happen. Do I count? :thinking:

I mean, as soon as multiple family members stop asking me to do their taxes…

and my life isn’t in shambles…no pity necessary, it just is what it is. Have to push through it and see myself happy on the other side of the chaos.


the more I hear about your personal life the more intrigued I get, I really want to know what’s going on.


Tell your family members that you are struggling with money and will have to start charging them for their taxes. That’s a good way to get them off your back without sounding like a jerk.

You and your immediate family are more important, focus on them and what you need to do to make the best for them. Those people whose taxes you are doing won’t turn homeless if you stop.


I know people who literally make a living by doing other people’s taxes. I want to make a pun about how taxing this is for you @isbee, but if it really is, then phoenix might be right and you should call it quits


Lol, it’s fine…just annoying sometimes.


I’m sure we all would be glad to help in any way possible just so you know


I have been playing Duelyst for almost a year but I am just now checking out the forums here. I would really appreciate it if someone could explain what a “meme” is in the context of Duelyst. Also, I see a lot of acronyms that deserve a spot in your FAQ. What is BBS?


BBS is blood born spell, and meme is a gimmicky card or deck thats fun to play


Thank you very much.


If you have any other questions about acronyms, @whyb0t compiled a lot of them together a while back here:

And as stated above, memes are fun/silly decks that are meant to be more fun to play than competitive.

Welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy your stay! :smiley:


That is really helpful. Thank you very much.


Oh Dear, someone’s actually got a question in the F.A.Q thread!


What’s a tutor effect?


I believe it is an effect that allows you to get a specific card from your deck without relying on RNG to draw it the regular way.


Alright, thanks!




Is it the origin of term “tutor”?


In the context of card games, yes.


This is banned, right?


Super strong card! And so cheap.