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F.A.Q. Construction Thread

All right, time for me to be useful around here :sunglasses:

As per the general request/suggestion from @Ryvirath

…I guess I will take the lead on this. It will take quite some time to do this right, and I am most certainly going to make several mistakes and/or omissions along the way. Of course, the beauty of this forum is that it seems to be a pretty active and insightful place, so I am not too worried about forgetting anything, and at least the basic vital questions will be included.

Please, everyone, try to remember what it was like to be a noob in the Duelyst universe and list some questions. There really are no such things as silly inquiries when it comes to this F.A.Q., and hopefully it will provide a solid source of information that new users would otherwise be reluctant to ask on a rather well established forum. As soon as we can get several posts on this thread, we can put together something useful and polished; rolling it out to the finalized F.A.Q. thread (which will come to life a little bit further on down the road.) And as hinted in the previous paragraph, “finalized” is more of a relative term.

Ok…now for some general guidelines:

  1. Please try to limit discussion in this thread to relevant topics presented in the various posts. Clarifications and additions are most welcome. Not to say there cannot be some casual dialogue, just don’t go crazy (see meme thread.)

  2. Please try to focus on questions which can be answered through step-by-step instructions or with processes that can be easily replicated with minimal understanding. Any topics and suggestions that are seemingly “more advanced” will be collected and relegated to auxiliary F.A.Q. threads with appropriate links. Anyone wishing to complete these “advanced” F.A.Q.s are welcome to do so, but…

  3. Please do not create any separate F.A.Q. construction threads unless you label your intended topic clearly and limit its scope to your specific area of interest. This is strictly to ensure that our intrepid community leader @Ryvirath is not overrun with a flurry of overlapping and redundant threads. I want to keep this process as painless and simple as possible for him to monitor. To keep everything organized will take a tremendous effort on everyone’s part, and we must take special care not to confuse new forums users and/or new Duelyst players. We can then compile and condense these various supplementary F.A.Q.s out of their respective construction threads and achieve a relatively “finalized” product, without having to unnecessarily create another thread. (Of course, this is not the case with this “main F.A.Q.” construction thread.)

My plan for all finalized “advanced F.A.Q.” threads is to have them be more or less complete as soon as they are created. Thereby, we can have clean and concise threads linked into the main F.A.Q., with opportunity for discussion (if needed) to follow; neatly self-contained within each topic.
Please PM me if you are interested in taking on a particular subject matter as part of this effort and I will try to coordinate and delegate to the best of my abilities.

If I think of any more guidelines, I will add them.

Again, creating a proper F.A.Q. will be a pretty hefty endeavor. Please don’t hesitate to contribute, even if you think someone has already provided the ideas and sample questions you were going to post. I really don’t mind sorting and filtering. Don’t expect this to be done before Summer Vacation (for a lot of you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) as I am anticipating a substantial amount of information to be gathered. I have a day job, and I figure many of you are in a similar situation (and yes, I personally count school as a day job).

Let’s do this right!

I really don’t know if I’ll survive this…:sweat_smile::laughing:


like i was saying “how do i craft” - i.e. what expansions are craftable, how prismatics work, are the expansions are worth the money

and “what expansion should i get first”


The latter part of your post is more of a personal preference/opinion matter, but the first part is a good start.


Small contribution, maybe you can grab the fast and dirty image I made here … it could help beginners with the emphasis Ancient Bonds has put on tribes/types etc.

… and also the list of Collection Search keywords from here

Collection Search Keywords

  • # (number) : for cards with mana cost #
  • “core” : core set
  • “shim” : Shim’zar expansion
  • “rise” : Rise of Bloodborn expansion
  • “prismatic” : guess :stuck_out_tongue:
  • “new” : cards you just acquired and didn’t check yet
  • rarity (common, rare, epic etc)
  • type (spell, artefacts etc)
  • tribe (battle pet, arcanyst, dervish, vespyr etc)
  • ability (dying wish, provoke etc)
  • fulltext : any word appearing on card

These can be combined “core rare” for instance if you are tracking your sister progression.

There is also a “Battle Pet Attack and Movement” thread here, may worth to be summed up.

HTH, HAND :wink:


Very useful. Thank you! I remember you making that and was going to look for it and contact you for permission to use.


confusing interactions maybe?

like how thumping wave doesnt change enemy eggs into rabbits

or how if your general somehow gets zeal (like zir + lionheart blessing) its permanently on

or what order battlepets activate and attack

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No problem of course. That’s exactly why I posted them on the forum :wink:

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Maybe something about the seven sisters and their unlocks, as new players might overlook them.


Yes! I haven’t played nearly as many matches (friendly or otherwise) needed to actually nail every possible interaction down. That will likely have to be farmed out to folks for concrete testing.


So are we just hanging out until new s ask us stuff or are we just posting what we know? (Because that’d be a LOT)?

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Beautiful diagram nwarezir :slight_smile:

Some quick example questions then.

  1. What is Duelyst?
  2. Is Duelyst “free to play”?
  3. What faction should I start with?
  4. What to craft?
  5. What is a prismatic card?
  6. What is the frequency of each rarity of card?
  7. How much spirit do I get from disenchanting each rarity of card?
  8. What is a Battle Pet?
  9. What is a Bloodborn Spell? When can it be activated?
  10. Why is my untargetable minion dispelled by Chromatic Cold, Ephemeral Shroud, etc?
  11. Why is Serpenti and Rook a meme card? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
  12. What is MechaZor? How to get it?
  13. What are tokens?

Interactions, hmm…
A rush minion transformed can still attack.
Transforming a minion does not trigger dying wish
Transformed minions cannot be revived.
Tokens cannot be revived.
Structures cannot move.
Walls are removed when dispelled.
How rebirth works.
Creep can overwrite other creep and mana tiles.

Minions that die when summoned (e.g. flash reincarnation + maw) still trigger opening gambit.
Minions that die when summoned cannot get mana tiles.
Hearth Sister cannot get a mana tile if it swaps position with its effect.
If you go over the hand limit you discard the extra cards. Includes drawing cards and cards that return to hand like Snowchaser.
General buffs like Vaath BBS can be dispelled.
Bounded Lifeforce sets the general to a 10/10. It cannot be dispelled. You can’t heal over the new max 10 health.
Although Bounded Lifeforce is effectively a transform, Vaath BBS buff is kept. So 10 + X BBS attack.
You lose life each turn if your deck runs out of cards.
Effects that double (attack) stack by doubling again. So X2 to X4 to X8.

I’m guessing someone nice can fill some answers. :grin:
Gonna be a lot of effort.


It could be both. This is just the construction thread, so at some point I (or anyone willing) will condense and compile a batch of completed q&a’s for release on actual permanent f.a.q. Info dump as much as you want whenever you’re able. I don’t mind.


Solid. Feel free to edit more in as you think of some.
This is not going to be a one day or even one week turnaround.


I’ve been thinking about compiling a list of non-obvious interactions, and here seems like a decent place to put them. Will add more as I remember / find out about them:

Cryogenesis, when cast on Decimus, draws a card BEFORE Decimus is considered dead and off the field, so you take damage from his ability.
Trinity oath heals BEFORE drawing cards, so if an enemy Decimus is on the field and you’re at 4 HP, you will survive Oathing.
“Has already moved” and “has already attacked” status persists through transformation. Celerity seems to just increase the cap of these things, so transforming a celerity minion that has moved / attacked once exhausts it.
Structure minions not only cannot attack, they cannot ever gain attack through effects (buff spells, puppydragon, etc). The one exception is Stone to Spears. I have yet to test if Stone to Spears allows attack buffs to work.
Dioltas’ tombstone can move (and attack, if buffed). It is not a structure.
Mark of Solitude, Enfeeble, and Polarity, are transform effects, not buffs / debuffs. The stat changes cannot be dispelled, and in Polarity’s case, any previously applied buffs become permanent. Mark’s restriction on attacking generals, however, can be dispelled.
If a minion is returned to your action bar, it does not retain any stat / status / damage effects. It resets to the default status of that card.
If you Enfeeble a Wraithling made Furious by Lillithe’s AWESOME BBS, it retains the status of having had Wraithling Fury cast on it, and thus will not become a 5/5 again on a second casting. Dispelling it, however, will allow it to become Furious again from the BBS.
Wraithling Fury (the card) can be cast on a Wraithling multiple times, for +5/+5 each time. Making a Wraithling Furious via Lillithe’s AWESOME BBS will not make an already Furious Wraithling super-extra Furious (will only stack once).


Please do!..:metal:
I would likely make a more exhaustive list of such interactions a subsection/addendum to a more general question. An advanced f.a.q., as it were…


Everyone: Don’t be shy about answering your own questions or others’ posts.


Why are Bloodborn and Ancient Bonds expansions 300g per orb, and what makes them different to the regular 100g orbs like the Core set?

What does (insert keyword such as Zeal) do?

How do I unlock the 2nd general for a faction?

What does the ranked tier system do (Bronze, Silver etc.) and what are the end of season rewards?

What is the tipping system and how do I use it?

What is Gauntlet?

How do I unlock the Seven Sister Cards?

What is the answer to life the universe and everything?

When is Duelyst getting released on IOS/Android?

That’s pretty much some of the FAQ things I can think of, for now.


Fist bump to you! :facepunch: Stop by again anytime.


This might be better served as a separate thing entirely, but a section for common confusing interactions (dispelling a stunned target) might not be bad either. Might also want to find a link to an up to date disenchantment guide

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Oh, and I think crates are very commonly asked about.

How do I get crate keys?
Your first common crate grants a free key, 3 more common keys can be obtained through following Duelyst on various medias (insert link here). Otherwise, they can be bought with IRL monies or won from tournaments.

Boss crates are probably worth mentioning

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