Experienced players quitting before game starts


Huh, hi guys.
It has already happened to me two times with the exacr same conditions. So, I just went ahead to play the game and I match up with guys who have ribbons for the the faction they’re playing or more. Obviously they had much more experience than me with my petty 35 hours. But, what startled me is that, they each quit. Is there some kind of trend ? Is there any kind of thing with this ? Lke, they just go for the free gold for 3 matches ?


I don’t think them being experienced has anything to do with it. Why does ti matter either way if it’s not happening a lot? Just take your win and move on. They’re probably just testing the decks and are quitting when they get an awful hand because it won’t show how the deck performs properly. I know I did it before and I’m sure other people here did the same.


You cant farm that way- the game only gives you credit for games played a certain number of turns (with certain conditions met). They will however drop rank, which can make it easier to win matches I suppose. I’ve never seen it before, but I suppose it’s possible :confused:
I assure you, as someone with over 12 ribbons, that it is not normal among the long-time players to autoconcede.


most likely case: they disconnected and/or client crashed.


What rank were you when this happened? And what general are you playing? That will tell us a lot about why it is happening.


I play Kara, still Silver rank.
@raqyee I don’t mind you trying to speak sense here but I just thought it was a “pro” thing. Anyway, I’ll take this as an explanation for now.


If you are high in silver, say rank 11-12, you may be finding people deliberately conceding to stay in silver. Or it could be some of what raqyee or Smash said.

Either way they are getting no rewards for these losses.


I concede if i see a few openers, since duelyst has so many ridiculous openers so early on now to save time.

Double pax going 2nd, wall+chaser going 1st, chakri meld vortex vortex meld


I 'm having frequent disconnections lately that caused insta loss, that’s probably their case aswell