Expansion Spoilers DWC Reveals


Time to have a Meltdown and take an oath with Thraex because we have a trinity of cards to reveal here.


Meltdown is absolutely monstrous!

Thraex (awesome name) with good stats and a reasonably well-scaling ability; Magmar finally has a usable 3 drop.

Is Trinity Surge for Lyonar?


Holy sh…

Welll… err, wow!

Darn I want to play with these cards!!

But seriously, that card draw O_O


It is for Lyonar yes :smiley:


That’s insanely good card draw, I’d say auto-include in any lyonar deck (maybe). Thraex is also really strong. Not so sure about Meltdown but his art is awesome and it’s a potentially strong effect.

Damn these cards are crazy!


Are we being trolled right now?

Phat ass draw? Overload Overload? A 7 7/7 7?

I knew CPG loves me but this is too much!

Trinity Oath looks like the most potentially bonkers card here; you give up a body but three cards is insanely good. Many Lyonar decks are going to appreciate this card–even as a one-of it’s extremely splashable! The little heal is always welcome for any deck but is of course another nod to try and help Zir’An out. I actually think this card might be a good tool to do just that, but tempo and zoo decks benefit waaay more than Healyonar decks that are trying to keep their hands filled already. Really nice card regardless.

Thraex is another really nice design and a fair card that I expect to see showing up quite a bit. It’s not as immediate as Falcius, but it might have the same kind of potential and it helps out Starhorn Pet decks that can really benefit from a mass buff like this. Shiro Puppydragon sheds a single envious tear.

Meltdown looks really cool, and the effect looks really strong when you can get it to go off on the enemy’s face. It looks way too unreliable to see any real play outside of meme decks to me. But hey, I do like being surprised, even when it’s by a 8 Mana pseudo-Rush play that doesn’t get counter-attacked.


Damn I hope not. These cards are DOPE!


Holy wow that’s good, heaven’s eclipse is a 5 mana draw 3


Thraex poll.

Trinity Oath poll.

Meltdown poll.

Poll mega-thread.

Make your opinions known!


That only draws a specific kind of card from your deck, making it more efficient on average I’d say.


Yeah no kidding, I thought Tectonic was really good, then Lyonar came along :stuck_out_tongue:


Meltdown is just a better (?), higher variability Red Synja. Why wasn’t a different cost/statline considered? :sleeping:

Thraex seems like a solid minion, especially at the common slot in Gauntlet. :ok_hand:

Trinity Oath is disgusting, and exactly what Zoo Lyonar needed. Kind of excited, kind of terrified. :grimacing:


So Meltdown is neutral I guess?


No one faction could contain him.


More then likely, doesn’t really fit into any factions aesthetic.


I always frown a little when I see “random” in a card’s description, I very much dislike playing around something that’s out of anybody’s control. But eh I guess RNG is in the DNA of any card game and that’s why it doesn’t really get to me. Especially considering Meltdown’s effect, if you could direct that 7 damage that would be pretty insane, it’s a 1 mana Spiral Technique almost.

Cool cards, really like the Magmar one. Bless Healyonar.


Trinity Oath looks like another Kron; a card meant to support an underplayed archetype but will most likely end up supporting and breaking an overplayed one.

Meltdown looks like Red Synja that can hit face

Thraex is a decent 3 drop for magmar.


So meltdown on an empty board with faie at 8 mana means 9 face damage? Okay


Thraex looks cool. A mini Vaath who helps his buddies :slight_smile:


Playing Revenant on 7 mana and Meltdown + Bloodborn Spell on 8 mana