Expansion Spoilers Day 11: Grandmaster Nosh-Rak


Grandmaster Nosh-Rak is here to put the pain onto your enemy! Flying around at the speed of sound.


Damn, gonna hurt.

But here is still an ever working technique : “if you can’t beat them, join them” :smiley:



Oh yes… Oh yes… OH YES! :smiley:

I mean, you only need to have half-lethal on board and seven mana, w00t!


What the hack is it? :open_mouth: :fearful:

This should be a reason to play Vet for me… :neutral_face:

Now be serious… Is it real? It can make Vet to kill opponent instantly at turn 7… That is so over-powered. Vet can just summon it nearly some unusable obelysk somewhere out of battle range and next turn it makes at least 8 dmg from range. If it is enought, there is Blast for sure…
PLS what is it…?


Mommy, can i have an Abyssian one :sob:


I’m… not too pleased, honestly.

Between this, Meltdown, Whiplash, Geomancer, and whatever else I’ve forgotten, it seems Duelyst is becoming less about the board and positioning and more about “How can I burst the enemy while minimalizing the counterplay?” Blast and Flying is just the icing on the cake.


That is pretty incredible. Nasty combo of flying/blast which is very flavorful for vet. It also provides at least some instant value with its unique effect, many games will probably end just by dropping him before he does anything but sit there and be inspirational.

He is very much worth the seven mana, probably not as a playset but I think most decks will run at least one.

That passive is so cool, seems like it would work with everything from face damage to Aymara procs. A great finisher, who then quickly becomes answer or die if you live through the turn.


The MTG side of me wants to call this Duelyst’s equivalent of a “combat trick.”

This minion satisfies all requirements of the “good big drop” checklist. It has great defensive stats, being very hard to remove using damage, immediate impact, through his ability, and game-winning snowball potential. So far, he is most comparable to Zendo. Zendo allows one of your minions to essentially dealing double damage while restricting enemy movement. This discourages your opponent general from attacking, provides a more threatening, flying blast body while also letting all your units deal double damage to the enemy general the turn this comes down.

If your opponent can’t deal with this, it is extremely threatening and forces your opponent to stay away while providing you a blast flyer. If they can deal with this, you get a free combat trick.

Also, “Nosh-Rak” means “Cancer Eater” in ancient Yiddish.


wooo insane card vetruvian is great but lets see abyssian legendarys


This is certainly difficult to assess, but I’m going to go ahead and call it mediocre. Having a substantial board (within range of the enemy General) is critical for this to have any impact. Otherwise, you’re essentially spending 7 mana for something that is just going to take a 1-3 mana answer: Thumping Wave, Aspect of Ice, Punish, Martyrdom, etc (even dispelling would be sufficient).

So where does this fit? Zoo/Swarm Zirix? SuperJank Sajj? It’s certainly a fun card, but its impact seems too inconsistent to warrant high-level Constructed play. On the other hand, this is terrifying in Gauntlet, and it will end games very quickly. Not looking forward to surprise Nosh-Rak lethals. :head_bandage:


You know what, i think you can actually pull some surprise lethals just by playing this minion, given the right board. Suiciding ayylmao healers to deal 10 damage or playing whispers of the sands + this card or even giving some win condition to a sajj deck + artifacts. This is a interesting card if you manage to create a good board. Not to mention there’s a good chance of him not getting dispelled, because of vetruvian early threats. Liking it a lot.


does that general takes double damage mean “double damage from this minion” or does it mean “double damage from all sources”

we need to know


Grandmaster Dispel Magnet? I’m in
The effects look really sweet, but even so I have a feeling that this will end up as popular as Oserix, or as me IRL


If that doesn’t make up for all of Vetruvian’s weaknesses, I wonder what will.


Bloodletter’s text is “Deals double damage to Generals”, which is different from Nosh-Rak’s text. So I guess Norsh-Rak makes the enemy general to take double damage from all sources.


Confirmed from all sources already on twitter



But seriously, this is dope as hell. I love it. It’s the finisher Sajj deserves.


I must disagree with your comparison with G. Zendo. If Zendo is played, enemy general takes double dmg only from one minion and if you dont have powerfull minion it dont have that much impact. If you play Vet´s one you can deal double dmg with everything on the board…


A ridiculous answer or die threat with immediate impact provided the Vet player establishes/maintains some board presence the turn prior. The moment this drops your general essentially does 4 damage, Aymara does 10 to face, etc.

Considering the swarm Vet is capable of, not to mention their scion spells, Falcius and Aymara, this is stupidly powerful.

EDIT: I’m going to guess that with this in play, dropping Elucidator will cost me 8 life in total. =.=


Well, that’s what I explained in my post. This has higher damage potential, but less movement restriction than Zendo.

Zendo is stronger for disruption, since it flat out prevents your opponent general from moving and attacking. Nosh-rak has stronger damage potential, since it allows everything to deal double damage while only discouraging the enemy general from attacking.