Expansion Spoilers Day 11: Enfeeble


Enfeeblement happens to all, the large and strong.


Control Vanar, here I come!
Seriously, cards in this expansion seem incredibly op/


Wut what another reveal :smiley:
And… permanently?

Holy cow…
But they keep their abilities, right?

Well, Skorn is back boys!


Metamorphosis to Vanar. Just better (permanent) and cheaper. A board clear for 7 with Skorn.


7 mana Skorn+Enfeeble full board clear unless they have dying wishes or Rebirth.Pretty cool


WHAT?!? The Freeze Faie dream is alive!!! :raised_hands:

This seems absolutely absurd in comparison to Metamorphosis.

A Freeze Mage (Faie) vs. Control Warrior (Zir’an/Argeon) equivalent meta is incoming. This will almost certainly be nerfed into the ground, as it is the epitome of “meta-defining”. I’m not sure how they could ever justify a permanent effect like this at that cost.

Now all we need is a card similar to Alexstraza or Malygos and I’m set. :imp:


Yeah, well, it does do your minions too… Of course you don’t play it in that case, but still.
Also Metomorphosis has them lose their abilities, this hasn’t. Just think of the cute 1/1 Sunsteels and Klaxons :smiley:


omfg why cp why … aegis barrier i just crafted 3 now useless excelsious useless ironcliffe useless stormblade useless smh chromatic cold nerf please n thanks


I dont need anythink more! THX for good Vanar cards I love you! :heart_eyes: (No sarcasm!)


And people said the game wasn’t going to slow down :thinking:

Finally can see how all these big effects work with frequency


For people behind firewalls:

Enfeeble, Epic Vanar Spell, 3 mana. All minions become 1/1.

And now, the poll, cast your thoughts on the new card here!

If you missed any of the previous cards’ polls, they can all be found here!


No, please don’t! Not like this!

This card really bums me out. If you thought big expensive minions where underplayed before, wait until Enfeeble hits the meta. Thanks a lot Tempo Argeon, you fucked things up for the rest of us Lyonar players.

Just when I was trying to imagine Excelsious as useful too…


You keep taking these cards in a vacuum and subsequently are hyperbolic a lot of the time, I think. I keep saying, the devs spend time balancing the game, it’s what they do for a living and the reason this wasn’t hastily spewed out already. These “overpowered” (and conversely, “useless”) cards are going to make much more sense in context.


who needs stats when you have wraithlings?


I apologize for the hyperbole (it’s purely reactive), but it’s difficult to not be when I see a half-costed, permanent Metamorphosis. Sure, it doesn’t transform enemy minions (so Dying Wishes are still relevant), but this is just so grossly effective in a control shell. I honestly cannot wait to see how the meta develops around this, or if there is an “answer” card waiting to be revealed (of which I genuinely struggle to imagine).


Most factions rely on powerful effects. One of them relies one stat-sticks. That faction is currently dominating ladder. I can taste the sweet, sweet justice.

For now, this looks like the ultimate punish to aggressive board flooding. Most played big minioms have some secondary ability that allows them to gain value even if this is played (Spec rev, Aymara, Zendo, Dioltas, Reaper of the 9 moons, and Makantor shrug this off, Dancing Blades, Nimbus, and the new grandmasters trade pretty evenly, Ironcliff and especially Hammon are really punished)

Keep in mind that it affects ypur own minions as well and requires more effects to actually clear anything. Overall, this is a card with enormous potential. This reminds me of the old Plasma Storm; a tool that severely punished early board flooding.


I think Metamorphosis should be changed back now that Vanar has the same for only 3 mana.


I’m assuming they aren’t losing their abilities, sounds fair. Great control tool, I love it. I guess I will be playing Abyssian and Vanar now, they seem like most control oriented classes. Too bad Vanar doesn’t have any healing.
Also why is Magmar not getting any control tools? Do you really love that cancer aggro stuff we have now?


Initially I thought this was an undercosted Metamorphoses, but now I don’t think the comparison is fair. The fact that abilities remain intact is quite a big deal. Aymara Healer becomes easier to kill, which is sometimes exactly what Vet wants. Abyssal Juggernaut will still be a 10/10 or something in the late game regardless. So yeah.

Doesn’t remove the fact its a great card though.


For sure all these new cards are shaking the meta… let’s trust the developers for balancing! :slight_smile: They all look super cool and super strong