Expansion Spoilers Day 1: Excelsious


The stalwart shield of light, the merciful hand of justice brought forth by your healing efforts! I summon thee EXCELSIOUS!!!

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:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:!!! I like. But, yeah, never gonna make it without lots of help.


Yay for the beginning of “Spoiler Season” and the spritework! Yikes for how bad this card is, especially in comparison to Sky Phalanx. :sweat_smile:


Well time to take inventory and my Entropic Decays


Go sit it the corner Argeon, it’s Zir’an’s time to shine! He card itself, while seemingly weak, could lead to some dastardly combos with Magnitize and Divine bond. However, a big “fair” body that does nothing on play and when removed leaves something to be desired.

Overall, this card is fair. Excellent in grinder matches, but mediocre if played early or mid game. If healing gets a ton of support, this might just see play in Healnor if it can reliably get +8/+8 by the time it is played and overwhelms the opponent with a stupidly big body



Exelsious is love. Exelsious is life. Let me slip into a coma until expansion day so I don’t have to endure the torture of waiting.

That is one big, bulky, beast. Here’s to control Healyonar waiting until 9 mana for a gigantic drop + Barrier play.

All the sources of dispel in this game are still not going to allow this card to define the meta, but the times where I can get this thing to stick are going to be worth it, for the memes if nothing else.


what the fuck


This plus Barrier flat out wins you the game, except for when it will get Chromticed to hell.

Pretty noice finisher for Healyonar.


Even if it is dispelled it is 6/6 goodness


Or Sunset Paragon to death.

Oh, my beautiful rainbow pony…


Hollow Grovekeeper says hello and good night to Excelsious. It’ll be like when I used it against Kron again, except more mana being spent by the opponent.


I’ll cri evrytiem…


this thing could kill grandmaster zir, your general, and all your hopes and dreams all on the same turn


Hey look… another legendary.


How much do you want to bet that all factions are going to get a beefy 8 mana finisher legendary minion?


Can anyone confirm if things like daywatcher procs count?


Welp, great start for the spoilers :smiley:. I think this may be the card that will finally puts Healyonar together in the competitive scene.


Its late game I’m up against a diamond Healynar. She drops Excelsious and follows it with Aegis barrier. He now has a provoke minion with 32/32 and celerity that can’t be targeted with spells. I have only one hope, a powerful move that I can bet it all on. My last hope for victory. The savior of my deck.


My thoughts:


  • Easier to answer than most other hard win conditions in the game (e.g. Jax Truesight+Razorback or Jax+Kara BBS, Koan of Horns, Obliterate, Aymara, Zendo, so on and so forth) as it has no immediate effect and it can be safely removed with ANY single-target removal.
  • Costs eight mana. The meta is slower but perhaps not quite slow enough for this kind of late-game threat.
  • As stated above, it has no immediate effect / opening gambit. This means it will be the nine mana turn at the earliest before this card does anything.


  • Healyonar has enough early-mid game threats to exhaust the opponent’s removal (Lightchaser, Sunriser, Sunforge Lancer, Ironcliffe, etc), so when this card comes out it may just win you the game.
  • Not rendered entirely useless by dispels. Additionally, soft positional removal (Juxtaposition, Repulsor Beast, Hearthsister, etc) is less effective long-term.
  • If not answered, it will almost surely win you the game regardless of the circumstances. 12/12 with Celerity? Yes please.

Overall looks like a fairly balanced card that may find it’s way into some slow Zir’An decks. I think it may be viable due to the limited nature of removal and the abundance of threats in Healyonar. Time will tell.


It’s an X/X with provoke, where X is almost certainly 10 or more, that’s pretty immediate impact.