Expansion Spoiler - Thicket Augur (Vanar)


Avalance does it. Can you sculp your own minion though?


any frozen minion. But none of the current revealed intensify minions survive Avalanche. White palm rotates out…


The only card that can freeze your own minion is Flash Freeze, which Thicket Augur cannot survive without Kara’s bbs or some other buff. It looks like too much work for too little gain. I hope the rest of the expansion will give better options for freeze combos.


I wanna see a card that stuns everything for a high cost
wouldn’t be OP, you would just need to capitalize on it or wasted turn


The men I summon don’t get larger though.


What? Hailstone prison too good for you?


This unit cansummon around 1~8 1/1s with Provoke (capping at 8) provided that you summon it enough times. I can see this working in Kara to help support zoo decks, but depending on how impactful the 1/1 provokes are Thicket Augur could be seen in a more grindy, stall version of Vanar (most likely running Ilena) that abuses stun and multiple, swarmy provoke units via Gravity well and Thicket Augur (maybe with some Ancient Grove/Auroraboros/Zurael memes thrown in their). On its own I don’t see it as a particularly strong card, but its cheap mana cost could provide great swarm combos and synergies (provided that you are able to summon it enough times).


due to placement restrictions it will more often than not just 1-7.

I would place it above Gloomchaser if you can abuse the intensify mechanic.


For 1 mana this could replace swamp entangler sama, but 2 mana? Pack filler?


This would’ve been great in Lyonar


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