Expansion Spoiler Dev Talk Reveal: Necrotic Sphere



For people behind firewalls:

Necrotic Sphere, Epic Abyssian Spell, 6 mana. Destroy ALL minions nearby your General and summon Wraithlings in their place. ((You own these wraithlings.))

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I give it a plus, will help Swarm Abyssian get out wraithlings while dealing with eminent threats. Hopefully, it will give it the push to help slow down the meta ^^.


Bit of a let-down on this one. From the Dev Talk, the primary design motivation was to lend more support to control playstyles. At 6 mana, and its weakness to positioning, I can’t see this supporting much of anything.

However, I fully encourage everyone else to flood the meta with this card, as that’ll make approaching my Cassy all the spookier, even when I’ll never have it. :sweat_smile:

  • be behind on board
  • play this to kill couple of enemy minions
  • enemy plays another minion
  • finish it off with specrev and regain the board

Now just got to wait and see how the meta plays out to see will this be a common scenario or not.


Seems like a very powerful card yet at the same time it can be played around. If you drop 2 4 drops in an abyss face then they will use this card and punish you very hard. If the opponent plays carefully then it will rarely be game winning. That being said though I’m almost certain this will be at least a 1 of in most abyss decks. This card seems like a stronger dominate will imo.


This could be used for some pretty good dying wish or death watch synergy too, since it kills your minions as well. It’s definitely interesting and might see play


This has the potential to be really strong, nothing i’d ever call broken because you can play around it fairly simply, and it destroys your own minions. I think this is the kind of card you run in Cassy and Lili, just because it’s really strong removal. That’s 2 really strong conditional removals abyssian got this expansion so far, it seems abyssian is the removal faction.


The card is pretty awesome, I like it, but I wish we could see another Abyssian card that’s not removal, it’s not very hype when Abyssian already has so many. Still cool though I actually like this card a lot.


It’s a pretty strong deterrent against people surrounding you with minions. Good against some forms of aggro and most provokes but there are a lot of threats which don’t require proximity and so negate this entirely. As a result it’s a very meta dependent card.


Well… something needs to feed Deathwatch, right?


Wraithlings seem like they were supposed to be the Deathwatch fuel a while ago, but after this expac they’ll have probably the best removal in the game (Punish), and strong AOE removal (this). I hope they don’t go overboard with this, they probably won’t but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.


Now maybe Abyssian players won’t hide behind their impenetrable walls of wraithlings now! As a vet main this is great!


It also means our Aymara Healers are even LESS likely to get anything done. Sigh.


I cant see how magmar can win against creep without playing hyper aggro now


“So wait, we just gave Abyssian Punish, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I don’t think it’s enough. We can do more.”

“You mean…”

“Yeah. Let’s have them remove ALL the things.”


We’ll just have to adapt, depending on what is revealed for Magmar this expansion. We can only hope for the best, though my expectations are already low because of Tectonic Spikes release. If they press on with making Magmar aggressive, there’s nothing we can do about.


Aymara Healers effect is a dying wish, so even if it gets hit with removal it’ll still get stuff done. What do you mean?


this just means that your units are going to be part of the wraithling wall


I think this card will be very strong. A good comeback mechanic for after your hard earned swarm gets FrostBurned. If you are playing against Aggro and you kill a couple 2 drops with it then it is great. If you are playing against control deck and you kill a huge threat with it then it is great. It isn’t a “win more” card it is a “stop losing as much” card which I like.

I wonder if it will become a common card like Holy Immolation. If it does it is a little bit easier to play around but it definitely will make some matchups a lot harder. Lyonar with all of their provokes come to mind.

Comparing this card to Dark Transformation it costs 1 Mana more, loses its range but will probably be able to remove 2 or even 3 minions regularly. Abyss has enough ranged removal, so losing range isn’t too bad.