Expansion Spoiler Day Seven? - Knucklestorm (Songhai)


I’ve never seen mantra in all the time I’ve straddled lower end of gold/higher end of silver.
Has made for an enjoyable experience.


Yeah, Mantra isn’t really seen lower down. Ended up playing against a Mantra deck for the first time this year on ranked today. Played against one or two during Frostfire, but that is pretty much the extent of it. Don’t know why its not played lower down, unless its expensive (never seen a full decklist to really know) or its just not consistent enough with lower ranked players over other decks.



are they fucking serious. is this the meme expansion?
I will lose my shit from laughing so hard if this plays “U DO NOT KNOW THE DA WAY” whenever you play this card.


This looks quite powerful in the right deck with support (obviously mantra).


Right now I would not play this card but if we get more intensify support:sweat:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

What the hell am I doing with my life?


It’s weird, but now I have a little crush on Maehv cause she actually looks cute in those pictures…

I mean, what?! Those were girly, sissy pants pics, real man look at pics of cars and sports! furiously chugs down third glass of whiskey


…clearly you are making a funny joke…duh


Whips are the cutest…


Thank You, Isbee! See everyone, I only like the pics because of how hardcore whips are, I mean you have to be a real Indiana Jones to like whips, mkay?! I mean, Maehv is such a masochist, what man doesn’t find that cool, mkay?!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to leave because that 7th glass of whiskey gave me alcohol poisoning and I need to get my stomach pumped, mkay?!


Well color me impressed. What was “GET PREDICTED CPG PT1”?


I just realized that dorplift has a hand in the art. I always thought it was a dead dog with his legs sticking up.


It’s hyperlinked to ‘THE PROPHET’ in my above post


Not to be “that guy” but you wrote “deal 1 to anything” but the card actually says “deal 1 to an enemy.”

Still prophetic though.


Found it, read it, added a twenty-fifth like to it.


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