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Expansion Spoiler Day Seven? - Knucklestorm (Songhai)


Loreweaver that!

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Ooooooooohhhh shit…


Fascinating. It’d be nice to see a return of the ‘Gain a spell played’ minions, if this sees much success.
Other than damage however, this feels rather limited in what it can do. A ping with no draw that requires more draw or spell recreation to become even to the quality of True Strike.
Until we see the rest of the cards, I can’t help but feel this is weak.


In the dream scenario, you end up getting a 1 mana Phoenix Fire, which is great. The ping and its improved variant are good, because they proc multiple times.

But, as you say, this requires excellent card draws to be pulled off, because this card doesn’t replace itself and only shines if drawn multiple times. It will be weak, unless a new card will synergise with it


Mantra is not okay


Replacement for crescent spear in mantra lists/10


Why would I run this over Gotatsu? I don’t even run Gotatsu, but it would be better than this to cycle. This card would be much better if it drew a card to replace itself and was at 3 mana, I think that’s pretty fair.

Basically, you need support cards to play this as with any other card released so far otherwise it is weak. I mean, what are the chances of you playing all three copies of this card and even then you are only getting 4 damage for 3 mana?

Extremely Disappointed.


Can go face and is nice with Eight Gates, zero Mana with Abjudicator. Seems not that bad. Doesn’t cycle though. I don’t play that much Songhai, but I think it has potential with cards that get played in these decks already.


say it with me now



I dunno how this is Mantra support. There are much better cards than this.




Anyway this card might not make top tier lists but would be really cool to see new Mantra lists, maybe even Alcuin or Loreweaver Mantra. Good card (afterall, I designed it!)


I’ll sum up my thoughts in pictures.

Bagoum discord, 1 hour before spoiler


Same server, 1 hour later



Why do you think this card is so good? It’s so specific that being able to successfully get it off even with Alcuin and other cards will be difficult compared to PF/Mantra and 8g8s combos.


Hmmm, this smells like a combo piece to me. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…


Numbers matter
Redundancy matter

You are gift wrapping Mantra with 6 more damage than they had available as a baseline, and cards like alcuin practically double as burn at that point.

Make mantra faster? You lot have no idea, do you.


Have never gone up against a mantra deck before (at least one that was even remotely good enough to even show that it was one and get to mantra).
As such, I truly have no idea how problematic Mantra is, nor how it works.


add me and experience agony


Better than Gotasu because it goes face. Ornate hiogi second sword sarugi. Who needs a mantra?


Seriously? What rank do you play at? Because Mantra has been highrolling us for months. It’s not OP, it loses as much as it wins, but it’s annoying because when you lose to it there’s nothing you can do.

Basically Shidai just kites and spell removes your stuff and plays Abjudicator and Rokadeptera, then around 7-9 mana plays all their cheap spells at once in combination with Eight Gates and Firestorm Mantra to delete you. Not consistent because you don’t always draw the right removal or your combo pieces, uninteractive because your removal is useless and they have infinite kite and removal tools.


I’ve never seen mantra in all the time I’ve straddled lower end of gold/higher end of silver.
Has made for an enjoyable experience.