Expansion Spoiler Day Five - Munch


Desolator heals you but doesn’t do damage so I think it will works the same


Munch,desolater,reliquarian,void pulse,spectral blade…time for a vampirism deck nomatter how memey it will be.


why it gotta be “until it dies” sigh 8/10


you forgot void steal, breath of the unborn, and aphotic drain :snowchaser:


still missing Nightshroud…


we dont talk about that one :sweat:


Ohohoho yaaaaaas~ More spikey spikeyness for my bb Cass uwu :heart::heart:


This is pretty cool. It’s like a mini-Obliterate, or a vampiric Fortified Assault. Now the only thing we need is a Lyonar Obliterate. :sweat:


“Steal health from an enemy minion equal to its current health or the number of friendly creep tiles, whichever is lower.”

Feel like this is better.

The unofficial Munch text suggestion thread

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