Expansion Spoiler Day Five - Munch


Another Creep joins the pack.



“steal health from an enemy minion for each friendly shadow creep or up to its current health, whichever is less”


I think we can all agree that you read the card, do a little :sweat:

And then go “there has to be a better way.”

I’m definitely marking this down as one of the more discoverable cards. Let’s see if the description changes!



I completely misread the effect :cry:. The “until it dies” bit mainly.
Thought the card does some debuff that steals health each turn.
So with one creep will kill an Ironcliffe in 10 turns, because “until it dies” means it will somehow eventually die over time.
Probably just me but better wording please.


aww that would be so cool, but then it would have to be made even cheaper and abyss has way too many 2 mana removal spells already. but yeah i can totally see how you thought that

i think there needs to be an "or" instead of a comma

Steal Health from an enemy minion for each friendly Shadow Creep or until it dies.

why is shadow creep no longer highlighted? inconsistency hurts you know


I just have one question.

Why is it named munch?

I like the card itself quite a lot, but I hate the name. :stuck_out_tongue:


Because all your shadow creeps bite the enemy minion and feed you with its soul.


Okay, sure. So why is it called munch instead of something cool? Munch is what hungry Duelyst players do to potato chips. Let me name the freaking thing.

Devouring shadows.

Dark hunger.


Void feast.

You see? All better, cooler names.

Why, Duelyst card naming department? Why is this card called friggin’ munch?


I’m sorry that I’m late to the party, but I’d like to present my own version of text:

“Steal Health from an enemy minion for each shadow creep, but not more than its current health.”

BTW it’s a nice removal/sustain card, two for the price of one. I really like it.

It’s just a rare. Cool names are reserved for epics and legends :slight_smile:

The unofficial Munch text suggestion thread

Well, I like the name. It’s blunt and to the point. Nothing flowery.
You just shape your shadow creep into big imposing fangs and… chomp. Minion breakfast.

Count me in on having no idea what to make of the card text without the explanation, though.


Removal and healing in the same card? Yes baby! 10/10 card


Slow and requires other cards to work, I don’t like this card.


After you developed a decent amount of creeps this card is very strong. Yes in the early game it’s bad, but abyss has lure/punish in that case


Excuse me if everyone already knows this, but relevant question: if a General attacks a Wraithling, is it 2 damage dealt or 1 damage dealt?


Afaik, it’s 2. And in all similar cases you actually CAN deal more damage than the opponent’s health.


Man I’ve been really happy with every card reveal so far besides my anti Magmar bias. This seems useful, playable and inspired. Exciting to see new creep support :slightly_smiling_face:


I actually prefer Munch :stuck_out_tongue: but that’s probably just me

Just think of the satisfaction: hmm nice Grandmaster Zir you got there… Too bad if someone munched it

Cool card, me likes!


How does life steal works with Forcefield minions? Does it ignore Forcefield when dealing damage or not?


I feel like that is largely dependent on how it is coded. Thus, I would largely deem it


Although, 2/3 of my hypotheses involve the force field Minion living. It’s a case of whether it gets through he force field and whether it steals health or not.