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I like the fact that its only 3 mana, but its pretty hard to generate creep that early on.

I think this card will actually see a lot of play though because it can heal for a lot and also doubles as removal similar to Desolator.

Maybe this will be OP…


Ooh, I dig it. Arguably worse than killing an enemy on top of shadow creep, but has the benefit of not needing to be on top of creep already.
Not to mention the lovely health steal.

Will be difficult to say until we see the next meta, methinks.


Wait I don’t quite get the wording. Does this always kill the minion and deal damage in increments of how much shadow creep you have, or does it only kill the minion if you have at least one shadow creep per health of the minion you target?


An easy way to explain this is it deals 1 damage and heals 1 to your general for each Shadow Creep, in increments.
If the minion you targeted dies, you no longer deal any more damage, nor heal any more, regardless if you have more shadow creep.

Say you have 7 SC and you cast on a 5 health Minion, it’ll die, you’ll have dealt 5 damage and healed 5, because it will be dead at 5. Cast on a 9 health Minion, it’ll be left at 2 health and you’ll have healed 7.


I know the wording can be a bit confusing, so allow me to clarify:

Steal X damage up to Y

X = The amount of Shadow Creep you own

Y = The current health of the Minion (you’re munching on)


  • 4 Creep, Munch a 3/5 Silverguard = 3/1 Silverguard, Steal 4 HP
  • 6 Creep, Munch a 3/5 Silverguard = Dead Silverguard, Steal 5 HP
  • 20 Creep, Munch a 3/10 Ironcliffe = Dead Ironcliffes, Steal 10 HP

In all cases, Munch deals its damage as one swing, not multiple pings (sorry Kelaino).


This is how I read it: I have 4 shadow creep, you have a minion with 9 hp. Your minion takes 4 damage, I heal 4. Your minion has 5 hp so it starts again. Your minion has 1 hp, so it starts again. Your minion has -3 hp so it ends. Since it went 3 times, I heal 12 total.

Edit: nvm @ThanatosNoa explained while I was writing that.


@jukeboxery @ThanatosNoa

Thanks guys that makes sence :smile:

I feel like the card is missing an “or” between Creep and until


I feel you would be correct there. Text doesn’t feel like it accounts for one of the two scenarios; where it doesn’t die.


Maybe you could change the wording to that to make it clearer.


Yea the text is weird since it’s really a formula with a limit based on the creature’s health, which means you need a solid paragraph to explain how it works?

But then the card is literally illegible.


yo @galaxydueler we found your doom support

who knew cassy would be the primiere doom guy


How bout “steal health from an enemy minion for each friendly shadow creep up to that minion’s current health.” Kind of the same but a little clearer.

Edit: or just let us see the code. This is in JavaScript right? “Steal Math.min(friendly_shadow_creep, target.hp) health from an enemy minion.”


Quick, cpg hire this man!

On a separate note, more control creep support


I could still mistake that for the following (let’s pretend its a Silverguard Knight still)

“For each friendly shadow creep” I will steal health “up to that minion’s current health” aka, if I have 3 shadow creep, I steal 15 (5hp x 3Creep)

So, not much better :frowning:


And the reward for most confusingly worded Duelyst card goes to…

Sirocco. It’s Sirocco. But this comes a close second.


Thank you @ThanatosNoa I love you


It’s still possible to read it that way. The comma and “until” makes it read like a while loop to me whereas the “up to” with no comma more clearly shows the relationship between the creep tiles and the target’s health. At least to me it does.


on a scale of sirrocco to ace
i rank this card a letigress point l’kian out of sirrocco


What about “Steal 1 health from an enemy minion up to the number of friendly shadow creeps. You cannot steal more health than the health of the target” or something along this line?

It’s a good card by the way, it will see play if creep sees enough support