Expansion spoiler Day 9: Whiplash



"Now whip it into shape - try to detect it, it’s not too late :curly_loop:

Songhai Whiplash wants to be there when a good time turns around."

For those that can’t see the image:
3 cost

Blood Surge: Deal 2 damage to the enemy General.

Looks pretty good, more burst!


Wow, they’re really pushing for songhai burn decks. This +geomancer + bloodrage mask+crescent spear+eight gates +storm sister=11 damage
They’re bringing back spellhai


So… geomancer + whiplash = 5 damage to face. Was someone complaining about rush?


They will always complain about rush.
Those this damage increase with stuff like crescent spear?


For people behind firewalls:

Whiplash, Common Songhai Minion, 3 mana, 4/3. Blood Surge: Deal 2 damage to the enemy General

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If you missed any of the previous cards’ polls, they can all be found here!


No it wont, cause it’s a minion effect, not a spell


Plz no ;_;


Wow, interesting!


Seems decent enough. However, I don’t see myself playing this over the FIVE OTHER GOOD SONGHAI THREE DROPS

Just look at that mana slot in that faction! Lantern Fox, Battle Pando, Ki Beholder, Gorehorn, even Jade Monk and Celestial Phantom, are great three drops! Songhai also has a bunch of key spells in the 3 slot, such as Killing Edge and Onyx Bear Seal. Sure, this is a 3 drop with fair stats that has relevance in the lategame, but I can’t think of a worst faction to put this in. This is an excellent card with a lot of competition from other 3 drops in Songhai. Would you play this over something like Ki Beholder, or Lantern Fox?

For Guantlet, this will probably push Songhai up even more!


A five six card combo for 13 16 mana that does 11 damage. Or, you know, I could just play Magmar Elucidator+Thumping wave for 2 cards and 7 mana to deal 10 damage.

On topic:

This card is… okay? The stat line is not that great (three HP is pretty bad for Songhai minions IMO) and the effect only triggers once every other turn. You could play this and get some meh damage on the enemy general, or you could just play more impactful three drops like Gore Horn, Ki Beholder, even Battle Panddo that also don’t require four mana to proc.

As a Songhai main: I like seeing new cards, but not impressed.


Ahh nice gauntlet balance a bloodshard golem that allows you to combine the cancerous Arcane Heart with Warbird in one go, the two best BBS’s in gauntlet. Tracer + this + BBS at 8 and run away for the rest of the game is basically the best late game in gauntlet.

On ladder this of course is totally fine - Songhai can do faster damage than this. Except Songhai already was the only faction with more than 2 playable 3-drops, guess Lantern Fox, Ki Beholder, Battle Panddo and Gorehorn was too little of choice.


Ayy I got delayed so I couldn’t do this one in time. Thanks for putting it up :smiley:


That sounds like a pretty good way to lose, actually


Would you mind moving it to the news section instead of general? To satisfy my OCD if nothing else. Thanks!


I move that this expansion be renamed “Becaue Songhai needed more ways to be uninteractive.”


I like the design simply because A.) its a Blood surge minion and B.) CPG is trying to push Lantern fox out of being a Songhai staple. Of course, this card is mostly situational until the ~9 mana turn, and with Geomancer it can both be devastating and (possibly) be a push for a more viable control-orientated Songhai deck.


Fox gives stats and usually 2 phoenix fires, which can then be used to deal damage or control the board. Even if the damage from the two minions was the same, the versatility provided by fox is too important to pass up for a different minion that does the same thing better in only one way, especially since it takes more time for that to come to fruition. Playing a 3 mana minion for the late game is sort of ehhhh beyond something that can draw you cards.


Simple and effective design, but as someone already said Songhai has plenty of ridicolous 3 drops, this guy will face a lot of competition.

Maybe i’m just sour having initially mistaken those ribbons for a couple of adorable pigtails. The truth is cruel. And bald.


xD lol shonghai new meta first turn kill


LOVE his artwork! Expansion have much pretty!!

Seems like a solid 3 drop.