Expansion Spoiler Day 8: Sunbreaker


Break the sun and their spirits by attacking them relentlessly like a tempest! Welcome Sunbreaker


if things like this are popping up, maybe there is indeed something in the expansion that will balance these out.

i mean i do notice that this isn’t permanent but the guy that invoke it has forcefield lol ; - ;


Bye bye swarm decks


Not Opening Gambit? =(


Well… that was unexpected. This is a good card.


Well that’s a neat fucking idea. Forcefield prevents it from killing itself and it helps the minion stay alive so you can keep using it’s effect. Not sure how strong the card is (it seems really weak at first glance), but I do love it’s design. It’s like proactive version of Nightwatcher.



And so the cycle continues. It’s an interesting design, and I like it a lot, but I just don’t know where to place it for Constructed. In Gauntlet, this thing is potentially bonkers, and should make my Lyonar runs that much more peaceful in the presence of Reva. :ok_hand:

Edit: I wonder if the other factions will stick with the 2-mana spell theme, or if there will be some major deviations (e.g. Your Bloodborn spell is Dominate Will). If it does stick with 2 mana, then I predict something like this:

  • Vetruvian → Sand Trap or Bone Swarm
  • Abyssian → Daemonic Lure or Punish
  • Magmar → Natural Selection
  • Vanar → Bonechill Barrier


it’s rare too, imagine gauntlet.


Why does counterplay hate the idea of eggmar so much? Yet another way to utterly obliterate Magmar and make certain our faction ability remains useless. Hurrah.


It’s… interesting. It’s not an OG, so it’s not permanent. Forcefield means it can’t hit itself.

But to me, the kicker is, who is going to run it? Argeon wants the +2 Attack for his creatures since it can add up to more, and Zir’an wants her heals to proc various healyonar things.


Just a Rare? This is a crazy card :smiley: Anti-Abyssian, and Walnar, and goodbye Skornie…

Look at Frostiva: 5 mana Legendary, Forcefield too, but only 3/3, only spam 1 wolf at a time.


I guess every faction is getting one of these, it’s probably going to be 2 mana spell so maybe it will be something like:
Magmar, your bbs is natural selection (fine)
Vanar, chromatic cold (definitely op)
Vet, second wish (op)
Abyssian, daemonic lure (meh)
Or something like that.


Good god no. =S


Yeah I hope I’m wrong too.


Is that… A good Lyonar card that is not a boring stat stick!?

I love this card! Keep in mind that unlike Geomancer, this card does not permanently alter your BBS. Rather, it only makes your BBS tempest when you have this on the board. This makes you have the option to sacrifice it and get back your original BBS. The forcefield 2/4 is a pretty good body, considering the Night Watcher is a pretty good card.

Tempest is a decent card in most decks. The current Lyonar tempo do not usually run it, mostly because they have a lot of low health drops on their own. I like the decisions involved with playing this card. You can either use the Forcefield to attack, and get a free 2 damage, or use it to make this minion immune to the tempest damage. These decisions are what Lyonar decks sorely lack. Right now, their game plans, especially tempo Argeon, involves just playing consistent 2 drops and tempoing out. Ironically, I think that this card is excellent against the current Aggro Argeon, since it deals with their 2 drops pretty well.

The main problem with this card is that it is a 4 drop. Lyonar already has a ton of 4 drops that they want to play; Arclyte regalia, Holy Immolation, Suntide Maiden, Sunsteel Defender, etc. I can see this replacing Sunsteel, but that card is not too popular already. Overall, this is a pretty good card. The effect is decent, and the stat line is playable with forcefield.


Reasonable idea. :slight_smile: I prefer the current Faie bbs actually, 2 dmg for a whole column is better than a single target dispel. Even Kara will not be interested, cuz we have pretty enough removal tools now.


Love the card, probably gonna use a couple on my decks.

Now for a neat game: let’s try and guess what other spells will become BBSs for other factions!

Vet: bone swarm
Abyssian: grasp of agony
Magmar: amplification
Vanar: bonechill barrier


Well maybe it Will be a good card in the gautlet but in constructed both argeon and ziran Need their bbs as they are, i dont think it Will see the board


For people behind firewalls:

Sunbreaker, Rare Lyonar Minion, 4 mana, 2/4. Forcefield. Your Bloodborn Spell is Tempest.

And now, the poll, cast your thoughts on the new card here!

If you missed any of the previous cards’ polls, they can all be found here!


That sounds great for vanar :slight_smile: we have always wanted more Walls