Expansion Spoiler Day 7: Sanguinar


Sanguine is the color of my passion and with this passion, I shall cause the blood to be born ever quicker.


Neutral I am guessing, pretty sweet, and AWESOME animation :slight_smile:


sweet sweet animation and effect, also a pretty solid card.

edit: now that i think about it, since the effect is not an OG so it won’t be permanent. i guess the effect isn’t so good afterall.


Great animation. Cool effect. I would guess it’s neutral


Nice efffect but it bothers me that its just a rare

Is that Eva-03?!


By itself, this card is probably not worth playing, but I suspect it will have some great synergy with the rest of the set.


Is the effect permanent?


For people behind firewalls:

Sanguinar, Rare Neutral Minion, 4 mana, 5/4. Your Bloodborn Spell costs 1 less to activate

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99% “While it is in play”. Like, say, Kelaino.


Sexy af animation :weary:
Maybe a good effect too, depending on the rest of the expansion


Seems nice,
You pay 4 mana and the bbs can be played with no cost allowing a 5 mana play.

Oh and there’s some water, wait, it’s oddly warm, guys i’m definitely onto something here.


That or a chicken in black latex.


Amazing animation, though the lackluster ability (impermanent) and cost/statline…I’m getting Quartermaster Gauj flashbacks. :mask:

For constructed, its viability will be critically dependent on other BBS replacement/reactivation effects. In Gauntlet, it’ll be a fine, fair card.


Pretty meh then


oh look, geomancer synergy

with 2 of these on the board and if they release anything that recharges your BBS spellhai will return in full force to meta defining status



This might be pretty good depending on what other BBS synergies there are. More expensive BBS? Something that resets your BBS? Really big Frostfire Tigers? Any time you can cheat mana it has the potential to be very dank. Right now with the 1-mana BBS and less than 1 BBS per turn, this isn’t so great, but that can change when the whole set is revealed.

Wait and see.


genji animation : reflect skill + dash + double jump (ow pro player know what i mean xD)



master yi at its finest… everyone gonna main this just for stats alone


What? The statline isn’t exactly good.