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Expansion Spoiler Day 7? - Neutral Minion Hsuku


From the wording, just itself.


that’s how it sounds like to me too. but also

I think it would have been more consistent to say “itself” since that’s what they used with skorn, thraex, and “including”


just found 1 more card:


Really? I thought it was worded that way so that it won’t target a friendly (or enemy) Hsuku.


I would definitely play this minion if I get it, but not gonna craft. Random factor makes this minion nearly unplayable, swarm doesn’t need it since it doesn’t buff the swarm, midrange and control are doing well without it. I’m not even speaking of symmetrical effect.

So do I need that 2/2 provoke wraithling? Or 2/1 flying gravity well? No place for it in swarm.

Midrange could work, but playing Hsuku is a tempo loss, cause it’s not a threat.

Card is interesting, has beautiful art, but not good at all.

2 Astral Crusaders out of 10


I just now realized that this says “buff AND keyword”, not or. Still not sure how to evaluate this card though.


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