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Expansion Spoiler Day 7? - Neutral Minion Hsuku


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My favourite card art from the expansion so far.


What’s a “random buff” ? Completely random or chosen from a list maybe ?


Watched a bit of his stream earlier for a bit, the buffs were +2 attack, +1/1 or +2 health and the keywords were Provoke, Celerity, Flying and Frenzy that the minion can give, I believe.


The design itself is cool, but as a playable card, it seems underwhelming. Keyword abilities like Flying or Celerity won’t have any immediate effect if it’s given at the end of turn. Any ideas on how this can be run?


The wording makes it sound like it also buffs your enemies minions


Yeah, I think it does.


I think it does as well, Hsuku was making a comparison to Spelljammer but I wasn’t really listening at that point.


What’s your verdict?

  • Meme Dream
  • Lean & Mean

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So for my understanding, the card works like this:

  • Summon Hsuku
  • At the end of your turn, one of your minions (including Hsuku as a possibility) gets (+2 attack, +1/+1, or +2 health) and (Frenzy, Flying, Celerity, or Provoke)
  • Opponents Turn
  • At the end of your opponent’s turn, if your Hsuku lives, an enemy minion gets (+2 attack, +1/+1, or +2 health) and (Frenzy, Flying, Celerity, or Provoke)
  • Repeat until Hsuku dies

Basically, Hsuku is like a Spelljamer, but for buffs. I think it has some potential (particularly in Lyonar- maybe bond?) due to it’s tanky health, and it’s buff ability doesn’t seem to horrible. It seems to depend on the matchup mainly (ex: I feel like it’s downside is a lot less punishable when against decks that aren’t very minion-focused like Mantra)

Edit: I didn’t see the excluding clause at the end, mb


But the card says excluding Hsuku.


Pretty good stats, might run this in my abilities vet deck…


Literally says excluding tho.


So… When’s your card coming out?


It’s a meme card for swarm decks, where its effect can provide value consistently. I don’t think it will see competitive play due to its RNG component and its symmetric effect.

I would have preferred to see an asymmetric effect with lower stats to make it more useful in competitive decks, the concept is fun…


I wish he was common so he would be a common card to draft in gauntlet.

Overall pretty cool card that will probably dominate gauntlet games.


I doubt it will dominate gauntlet games. Its RNG may be a treat to the player that has the advantage, but since the buff happens at the end of turn it should be possible for the opponent to also get the buff each time.

At the end of the day it will be a fight about the elimination of the recently buffed minions IF a very good synergistic buff happens.


I’m not sure what kind of deck this would work with this. I am sort of leaning towards a midrange Reva deck. Use BBS and Hsuku on the same turn, buffs the Heartseeker. If it stays alive then you most likely have a 2 or 3 attack Ranged minion and if the rng is kind with Celerity. So you could do 4 or 6 damage before getting any other buffs like KE, IF, MDS, Ethereal Blades etc. But since it can also do health, it can make Lantern Fox, Flamewreath, 4WM, Zendo etc harder to remove. In fact any cheap minion with already decent stats or ranged could become so much better with a buff from Hsuku.


hsuku a cool dude in real life and in card nice going cpg


soooo is it excluding all hsukus or just itself?