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Expansion spoiler Day 6- Vanar Permafrost


Sorry for the long delay guys, it’s the weekend and I haven’t been at my computer :upside_down_face:

So let’s explain Permafrost
I’m going to borrow @t2k5’s mspaint masterpiece


Alright, let’s jump into the madness.

This card fires off TWO triggers.

  1. Stun an enemy minion.
  2. For every currently stunned enemy minion, find a nearby enemy (just one!), stun them.

Spell has resolved.

FAQ time!

Neither really, this isn’t a full AoE card since Stunned enemy minions only stun one more enemy around them. Just one!

Not at all, think of Ooz, it’s going to look at all valid targets and just pick one. Which means yea, stunned targets can get re-stunned.

Yeap, second trigger looks for a nearby enemy, if the General is close to a stunned minion it’s totally a valid target for some frosty feet action.


more like the only useful vespyr tool. nobody plays vespyrs as anything other than a meme anyway

fair enough but i have a hard time seeing these not replaced by something just as good

why are you bringing this up? none of these are going anywhere. slasher is bloodbound and frostburn was moved to core. oh no, vanar without board clear :abysspls: such a tragedy :abysspls: i guess theyll just have to make due with only doing 3 damage to everything on board instead of 4 or, you know, clear board with their 8 bajillion cheap single target removals.


With thunderhorn, infest, betrayal, lost and now this CPG seems to push positional effects.

Isn’t it what the majority asked for? I’m kinda confused. Seems like community opinion matters more than I thought.

We should be actually grateful…


Roses are red
Violets are blue
We got what we wanted
And we still complain

Don’t listen to us/s.


Remember how people complained that 13 orb mini-expansions were too expensive since they were uncraftable? And then they complained that 90 card expansions were too expensive because you couldn’t get all the card at a fixed price?

Anyway, this card is meh without more cards that benefit from stun.


dont worry about it. people just love complaining

if we ever got everything we wanted you’d hear people complaining that its too perfect

and @excogitator i am fully expecting a card that turns all stunned minions into a structures (basically permanently freezing it)


My point is that the rotation is breaking architypes, and vanar got hit bad.
Wailing and wake can be replaces however i have a hard time seeing these architypes even barely playable (i worked with scarzig on some awesome vespyr and vespyr wall hybrid which were pretty good).
The only thing vanar amount now is being annoying instead of the positional infeltrate game.

Slasher + boundless is the reason aos in not a loss like the other cards.
Another problem is - the expansion will give us only few cards, between ilena support, the garbaggge legendary and this card i’m skeptic about giving support to the fun side of vanar


Hot gerbagé, unless we get good stun support.


actually still better than ooz since there are easy ways to force what targets are valid


It’s cold. Cold gerbagé.


That makes it sound like an exotic delicacy!
Though į’m more worried about the card if it can choose the wrong target(s).


Woah, another FAQ? Isbee appeal to you or something?


Just because a card is positional doesn’t make it fun.


Case and point


That’s why we need more fun cards in the game like Mist Dragon Seal. But only for Songhai.


Aren’t they at least a healthier option than cards like Rebuke and Plasma? Even universally reprehended cards like Thunderhorn can be played around, and also do require an extent of positioning to play effectively. Even synergies such as Aspect Thunderhorn or Lost Thunderhorn somewhat ground on strategic positioning, albeit the depth and complexity of said strategy are arguable. Either way, I say it’s better than global effects which perform consistently every time regardless of a player’s skill level. How powerful and balanced the synergies are a different matter to discuss at a different time.


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