Expansion spoiler Day 6- Vanar Permafrost


yeah i think it will have the same problem as whispers

though i think the way its worded, you can chain stun a general off a stunned minion, but you cant chain stun a minion off a stunned general :thonk:


I have the same interpretation. I believe that’s really the case. I mean, it would have said enemy minions instead of enemies if the case was otherwise.


If you have a problem with meme shock, then you have a problem with me!


It warms my heart to know that despite Joseki leaving, his motto of frustrating the player lives on.


Not much impressed. I like the range of it though.

Unless Vanar gets a finisher this card is leading up to it will be only usable in Faie for the extra Warbird turn or in Ilena for Iceshatter Gauntlet and Shatter synergies.

Games could get really slow with Gravity Well and Permafrost (maybe even both P2 T1 for the 2 turn advantage on movement.


this is how i imagine it being used 90% of the time

this card is probably the only non-OP way for ilena to be relavent at all


I’m not that big of a fan of this card, mass stunning minions is very annoying to be on the receiving end of but isn’t that practical for the user by itself, at least unless we get a AoE Shatter.

Also I really dislike effects that can stun the your general this has absolutely nothing to do with my Sajj obsession.


devs obviously play “eternal card game” … stun archetype yet to see how annoying it might be 7.5/10


I think Stunning the general is indeed the best part of this spell. Sadly it doesn’t seem to stun all linked enemies…

We needed this against artifact Reva, Vaath and …yeah… sadly also Sajj


With the blows vanar takes from the rotation permafrost just doesn’t cut it


I read sperm count


aspect of shimzar shouldnt have been that powerful in the first place and loosing it will be healthy for the game and the faction (now if only we could nerf thunderhorn)

the only other cards of consequence rotating out are winters wake, wailing overdrive, and iceblade dryad and none of those will be particularly missed.


I like the card. With more stun support like Cryoblade and some heavy endgame this should be playable for sure


look at the state of the game right now… Competively Vanar is second worst faction, right before Abyssian…

We will see it after the expansion hits and no reasonable support gets out.


and competitivly ilena is the worst general, behind even maehv

she needs this one man.


Based on my reading, the effect is similar to Thunderhorn, but it’s not very clear. Anyway, hard to assess the card in a vacuum: it’s clearly Ilena support, but its strength will depend on the landscape


I disagree with this line.
BBs in front and permafrost benath the enemy genral to guarantee the general stun.


it was an example of combo with BBS. not on actual tactical worth. and who knows, maybe that guy on the top left was ranged and the ilena then runs away to live another turn


i just had a thought that would make this card unplayable garbage. if it attempted to stun minions that were already stunned. like if you BBs in front and permafrost benath the enemy genral and nothing happens because the bottom one is trying to stun the front one and the front one is trying to stun the bottom one

horror burster nightmares all over again


Are you high?
Each and every card of these cards is a win condition by itself.
Dryad is the most efficient vespyr tool.
So infiltrate decks lost a wincon, wallnar lost a wincon.
Vespyr lost a really strong tool.
The most efficient boardclear on vanar will be slasher + boundless or frostburn.

Believe me, i main mostly vespyr vanar or infiltrate decks.