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Expansion spoiler Day 6- Vanar Permafrost


Here is the new Vanar Epic spell Permafrost!!!

If this works like I think it does, we have a Stunderhorn.

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Until All This Stun Support Can Topdeck or Board Clear, It’ll be memes



This’ll be really annoying to play against so I hope it doesn’t catch on!


Like the common cold… :sirpenti:


Maybe it doesn’t work that way; the wording is kind of confusing. Maybe it Stuns all enemies adjacent to each other, or maybe it only Stuns a single minion and then Stuns enemies nearby enemies who were already Stunned before this spell was cast.


I read it like the effects happen in sequence:

  1. Stun target enemy minion
  2. Stun all non-stunned enemies adjacent to stunned enemies.


Now we need 3 mana: deal 4 to all stunned enemies


I read the effect as:

Hold still while I get my Thunderhorn…


Its a cool stalling card, but without something more useful to go along with it. It will just be a stalling card.


Very annoying, but weak, imo


If CPG prints something like “Gain +2 attack for every Stunned enemy on the battlefield,” I might consider playing Ilena. Might.


This card is pretty Cool Imo


I don’t like it I hate stun


On a scale of ace to sirrocco
I rate this card text
A munch point letigress out of sirrocco

@ThanatosNoa can we get confirmation that this is indeed stunderhorn or is it more like infest


You sassy son of a gun.


What is confusing ??
You stun an enemy minion, if he was stunned already, he will stun another single (“a nearby”) enemy minion. If that fresh one was already stunned, it will continue and spread to nearby.

I guess there will be some spell/OG minion/Artefact with AoE Stun or mass board Stun to use with, or AoE/mass destroy on Stunned minions.


idk my dude. They didn’t use an “if”. It is possible to interpret the spell as a two-phase spell effect that does procs an additional “stun” on all stunned enemy minions like so:

  1. one guy get’s stunned.
  2. all stunned minions will stun -ONE- nearby friendly but it won’t chain.

edit: I misread, it only says one. it is peculiar that it doesn’t say “random though”

idk, it won’t hurt for them to go out of their way to add an extra phrase like “stunned enemy minions, including those stunned by this spell, stun a nearby enemy” but even then, it will still be pretty confusing as to how this will resolve. And I doubt Duelyst would be doing it in your favour optimally. This sounds like a modified Travelling Salesman problem.

I just googled and it’s pretty much an NP-hard problem. I can imagine the game freezing just trying to solve it.

edit 4:
hehe freezing


The way i read it it doesn’t chain at all, but that should still make the card strong enough. Maybe this is what ilena needs to be relevant at all.


To me, you cast Permafrost and stun a minion.
Then all the already stunned enemy minions will stun an enemy next to them. No chain.
But, is the target of Permafrost also stun an enemy next to it?


That is how I understand it as well. And Because the spell seems to work in two steps I expect the targeted enemy minion gets stunned first, then the spreading part of the spell stuns 1 nearby enemy.


This is is seriously bugging me.
Will Permafrost always try to optimize the stun count?