Expansion Spoiler Day 6: Grandmaster Embla


Embla is here to help the opponent build a house, so first lets give them some walls.


Wow!!! Epic :smiley:

She looks awesome, but doesn’t have a lot of stats, but the effect is very cool, so very curious to see what we will be able to do with this!


For people behind firewalls:

Grandmaster Embla, Vanar, Minion, 8 mana, 5/5. Opening Gambit: Surround the enemy General with random Walls.

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If you missed any of the previous cards’ polls, they can all be found here!


I think I am in love.


I mean its not that viable despite the strong effect, but the design and the effect are so damn cool lol.


WoW thats what i have to say great card effect and great 8 drop


Zephyr suddenly looks a lot more viable


I think everyone can agree this is pretty dope, even if it is a bit memey


but where you put zepyhr if ur sorroueanded with walls !?? :scream:


This might actually be really good if they introduce new and exciting types of wall. Also, this synergies really good with Kara at 9 mana


Not a problem if you have any minions on board or a time maelstrom on hand


This is gorgeous. This card boxes your opponent if they have nothing developed on turn 6. It’s a perfect blend of flavor and bomb effect.


Otoh, you probably want some provoke walls because often enough the enemy general will have 2 or so minions around him already, if there’s enough provoke those cannot hurt you.

So if there are new walls I’d like it if they had provoke.


Ooooooohhhhh. That looks EPIC. I thought they were only releasing one grandmaster per expo, huh. Very interesting effect, it’s another very solid endgame thing for wallnar combing nicely with winters wake. Sweet animation and look too.


Well we haven’t seen any other Grandmaster for this expansion yet.


The pixelart for the Vetruvian grandmaster (Nosh-Rak) was dropped shortly after the Zephyr animation was dropped. Nosh is presumed to be present in RotB.


Was Nosh-rak not supposed to be released with this?


well grandmasters rosh-nak and variax were spoiled a while back. i would assume both of them would be released in this expansion


I keep forgetting the name of the Magmar Grandmaster who was also spoiled in artform. She’s gorgeous too, for a dinosaur lady who snaps her fingers and things presumably die.


i dont think rancour is a grandmaster since she doesnt have “grandmaster” in the name