Expansion Spoiler day 5: Tectonic Spikes


The earth trembles and the ground quakes with the Tectonic Spikes!


im playing mill magmar next season with spihnx


Aggro Magmar, fuck yeah. This card is so sick.


Yes! This is a good Starhorn card, and Magmar in general! Awesome! :slight_smile:

Now some nice cards for eggmar and I’m set :sunglasses:


Visionar approves this card.

This is a fun one too though. If this gets played, there will be a subgame of trying to stay at 3 cards against magmar.


Woah. Hell yeah! Quite the versatile card! Look forward to hating it already xD.

Another really cool piece of design that encourages specific deck types and gives Starhorn an awesome tool!

And it’s a Rare, so available to most players to boot!


And some of you guys thought magmar would get shafted again


Decimus approves this message.

9 face damages, tasty.


H-eh… Heh. Eheh.




Love it! I’m really curious to try it out!


It’s difficult to not be disappointed with this card and the further commitment of Starhorn to an all-in, flood aggro playstyle. I would not be surprised to see this played in Vaath as well, depending on the other expansion cards (e.g. more cards like Visionar, Decimus, and Vindicator). If the tools are available, then I can already see this as being even less fun to play against than Reva or Zirix in their primes.

Also, spending 3 mana to, in essence, deal 3 damage to yourself and give your opponent 3 cards…this is atrocious in Gauntlet. :mask:


vindicator and visionar can get huge buffs, decimus can do amazing combo, flash reincarnation won’t punish for too much, this card is amazing.

i just hope it’s not too good.


Loooooove it!!! Thx


Sth good for my Starhorn Ctrl deck :stuck_out_tongue:


This card Just by itself makes visionar, vindicator and decimus viable. Its so fu**** strong!


I think you guys are overestimating the synergies with the card. No synergies are needed for it to be good in aggressive magmar decks. I’d say such decks are even better without cards like decimus. Card is basically the equivalent of Kron. It was printed to make a certain archetype stronger (replace decks, or in this case, starhorn) but instead it was just an amazing all around card. Same applies here.


Oh nice more cancerous Magmar less control. Nice.
Ironically it’s going to be better with Aggro Vaath rather than Starhorn. Also playing a control deck against it will be a pain in the ass.


Initial impression is: pretty meh. Seems to be the most ‘fair’ of the previewed cards.
Second thoughts: Magmar better get some good in-faction healing this expansion.

Though I’m happy and sad at the same time:
Happy because my prediction was vindicated. Sad because my prediction wasn’t particulary positive for the faction.


disechanting my 3 solarius now thanks i can craft excelsious now


turn 7 healing for 11 isnt good enough for you when you already bursting ppl down by turn 6 smh