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Expansion Spoiler Day 5 - Krater (Magmar)


Makes me really unhappy to see Skorn reprinted, simply because I really don’t like Skorn. I just wanna be able to play midrange Lilithe swarm, man. Magmar cards have been killing my expansion hype.

With a rational mind, however, I don’t think this will see competitive play as it is mostly a combo enabler and has antisynergy with Ragnora and Starhorn, not to mention strong competition in the 3 slot.


This complaint doesn’t make any sense you can’t play “mid range swarm” against Magmar right now anyway seriously what is swarm deck going to against a deck that plays Rebuke plus Mankantor Warbeast and Plasma Storm. Magmar realistically has to play one card and it shut down all Abyssian swarm decks everything except 3 minions and 2 builds are weak to Rebuke.

What part of swarm Lilthe has chance against Magmar even without Rebuke and Krater being cards? Magmar has Spirit Harvester,Plasma Storm,Quilbeast, Kinetic equilibrium,Mankantor, Taygete and access to neutrals Thunderhorn and Skorn. I mean seriously what are we talking about



Well, see ya until the next exp


You do realise you’re over reacting? Just read the last posts in this thread.


Yes, it’s fun.
The thing is i really prefer not getting back to the magmar powerhouse days.


hm, might be crafting a third decimus now :slight_smile:


Just no absolutely necessary legendaries pls, I still haven’t pulled Denadoro for my infiltrate buff deck!


It’s a smaller Skorn for a faction which does not need it, but the synergy with combo decks is interesting. It will only be used in very specific decks


That’s my point. I haven’t played it in a year and a half and I’d like to


chakram really turned things around is all. it buffed some swarms enough to not be plasma-stormed, and the frenzy punishes them for using rebuke. and tbh, I don’t find it -that- hard to play against T-horn. Skorn is scary though. but people hardly run it.

That might not be the case with krater though. I don’t really know. it’s definitely a powercreep skorn though.


Skorn was 3/4 I believe Krater isn’t power creep. Krater is worse than the original skorn.


He was a Krater boy, @kirabi said “see ya later boy, you aren’t good enough for Mag.”


Now I will never be able to bring myself to hate the card. I’d just be laughing over this pun every time I see it. and i’ll choke from laughter if krater actually becomes meta.


This card is just boring, and I’m too tired to rant about it. At most, I see this as a filler card and as CPG’s indirect message that Shim’zar will never rotate back in. I’ll probably run it with Zir’an in Rift, but that’s about it.


what’s rift and why can you use it with lyonar there?


A cross faction gauntlet mode where you can draft cards from anywhere, as well as upgrade your deck as you play

It’s gone now though, sadly


fite me

Not saying by any means that my lists are top tier, but that they are competititve


There are big differences to old Skorn. Old Skorn was 3/4 neutral, this is 2/4 Magmar.

So only Magmar has access to it and I am not sure they need it with Plasmastorm and Rebuke.

And 2/4 is a bad stat line. 3/4 is so much better because it kills all 2 drops.


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