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Expansion Spoiler Day 5 - Krater (Magmar)


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Magmar getting all them sweet replacements


Skorn 2.0 is here!


Oh look the new staple!


metamorphosis is a card again


I hate this already


honestly, magmar wasn’t the biggest abuser of skorn and I prefer this as aag card then neutral. It is also quite flavorful. This card isn’t a staple when I think about it.


Because Magmar needed more anti-swarm cards? Can’t see it becoming popular, Songhai could have used this more with Battle Panddo rotating.


Why did no one @ me when this card was released tho

Anywho, I think this is an interesting card. Like Quillbeast, it’s a common card that has synergy with bloodrage. Of course, from my experience, I would definitely call this a worst quillbeast for Quillrage combos, especially if it is used in conjunction with Ragnora. The key seller for using Quillrage with Ragnora/Bloodrage is the ordering of the effects, with Quillrage allowing Rippers to survive. Krater prevents said synergy, and in cases where you strictly combine one with Bloodrage (and the occasional flash), Quillbeast is always better.

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, Krater does ping generals, which may be significant for the extra damage with Blood rage in comparison to a quillbeast that procs once.

That being said, Krater does have synergy with all the cards quillbeast does not have synergy with, including metamorphosis and egg morph. It’s basically 3 mana skorn with one less attack, which could make Twin Fang combos more prominent and easier to pull off, like back in the olden days. I really hope we see more cards in this expansion that can take advantage of these self harm/ damage mechanics to though, like Bloodrage and Twin Fang.


Sheesh, step back Abyssian, looks like Magmar’s the new emo faction :black_heart: :lizard:


magmar is officially the AOE faction

plasma storm
chrysalis burst
natures confluence
lots of frenzy
endure the beastlands
kinetic equilibrium
flaming stampede


You mentioned frenzy twice.


Did they just reprint he old Skorn? I’m pretty sure this is a reprint of the old skorn, but with 1 less attack. Old skorn was good, this could be good. The question is whether to play this over Quillbeast (or both???). The effect is instant, and it pings artifacts, but Quillbeast can provide many times. Also compare to Battle Pando.


Nah fam, Magmar hurts itself to get stronger, so the pain is put to use. The only way to take advantage of things like twin fang/ blood rage is to hurt yourself. It’s like that pain you get from working out.

Abyssian hurts itself but doesn’t benefit from the self damage. Maybe Maehv’s just a masochist.


Or the high that some people get from pouring candle wax on themselves.


reva t1 PF face
take THAT and like it

maehv t1 crypto BBS


I like this new Skorn… even with 2/3 stats for 3 he will be very good for existing strategies and existing combos. Sometimes you might just be able to end the game with it.

Now show me promising Vanar cards. I am sick of waiting.


Wow, Skorn was 3/4 originally and was nerfed to give swarm some room. And now they reprint it.

I just don’t get it.


It’s exclusive to 1 faction with a ton of AoE.


Well, it’s a point.