Expansion Spoiler Day 4: Zephyr


Zephyr is here to put the wind in your sails and a frenzy in your blood. Welcome Zephyr!

New Mechanic Blood Surge - This effect occurs after you cast your Bloodborn Spell


Sweet! :slight_smile: But no flying, bit odd :stuck_out_tongue:


Bloodbond > Blood Surge. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: @Aeruniel I think it’s safe to assume that it is functionally equivalent to our ‘Bloodbond’ or Hearthstone’s ‘Inspire’ mechanic.

In regards to constructed, I think it’s certainly a fair card (which, at 3 mana, is much more accessible/playable than uber-fair Excelsious). For Gauntlet, I think this will support Sajj fantastically. Overall, good stuff. :ok_hand:


Poop! trash! garbage! this card is balanced but strong, him plus falcius= sadness :weary::weary::weary::weary::weary:


Bloodbond? Blood Surge? I assume this is: when your general uses his BBS?

If so: I love the new tactics and extra depth this brings to turns!! :smiley:


Well the little circle on the ground implies he is just barely floating, appears that’s as high as he can go.

Very cool card.


me no understand bloodsurge?
please xexplain


Sajj meta confirmed.


Wait tho, vet still dies to ranged value generators :joy:


meh… he’s a combo piece for sure which means you’ll want to run him on a very narrow spectrum of decklists.


Now thát is what I would call an excellent little piece of design. Love it. I hope this helps push Sajj players forward!

Very cool new Keyword, love the name, love the design potential. Can’t wait to see the other Blood Surge cards!


“Activate the following effect for the duration of any turn wherein you activated your General’s Bloodborn Spell.”

@eudaimonia phrases it properly: [quote=“eudaimonia, post:16, topic:6720”]
“Activate this ability whenever you cast your Bloodborn spell.”[/quote]

In this case: Use your BBS while Zephyr is on the board and then your General gets Frenzy until the end of the turn.


It’s pretty obvious what this is meant to do; be the AOE equivalent of Falcius. It seems nice in control Sajj, but I would not play this over Falcius.

4 damage AOE around the General and a 3/3 body for 4 mana in Sajj is impressive, but it requires your general to be positioned next to a bunch of enemies, which your opponent can anticipate.

Overall, this seems like a general centred version of Holy immolation or Makantor Warbeast that leaves behind a 3/3, but is restricted in range. Is this enough to make control Sajj Viable? Who knows. That deck is still severely lacking in healing. It is cheaper to activate and more powerful than Makantor and Holy immolation in a vacuum, but is easier to play around and emphasizes Vetruvian’s weakness to things out of reach.

However, just from the fact that I am comparing this to Immolation and Warbeast, I can say that it has enormous potential.


Yes, thanks, I assume you think I’m right?
But I don’t get what you’re saying at all.

Duelyst doesn’t have a ‘Bloodbond’ mechanic (you do mean Duelyst with ‘our’ I guess)?

And Hearthstone… oh… I really wish people would stop assuming everyone played this other game or knows the mechanics or keyword words or such.
I really have zero interest in Hearthstone and its keywords mean nothing to me.


This is Amazing! A new mechaninc and a card that sinergies with sajj perfectly:)))


Ah sorry, I meant ‘our’ in the context of the forum and the Card Design Contests.

Essentially the same as @thematsjo’s description: “Activate this ability whenever you cast your Bloodborn spell.”


Love this card concept, this can push many new combos as well for Sajj as well, which I think will be the key to this card (although expensive or requiring extra investment)


-Artifacts (imagine Spinecleaver with this)
-Time Maelstrom (who needs beast Master?)


Very nice card. Cant wait for tomorrows spoiler, is it gonna be Songhai or maybe just maybe finally good magmar 3drop? :wink:


There’s not much to say. It’s a pretty amazing card in sajj. It obviously combos well with various cards but it’s not needed what so ever for card to perform really well. I’ll take a chance and say how this is card is even more swingy than falcius. I have no doubts it will be run in every sajj deck, at least as a two off. Unless she gets an even better card that does a similar job which I doubt it.

  • simple design
  • strong effect
  • good by itself
  • decent stats

As fun it is to see those super interesting cards with wild effect, the simple ones like this one definitely have a charm of their own.


Excellent card! It’s also common, so potentially usable by everyone. Having these important cards with low rarity is nice to keep the faction healthy