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Expansion Spoiler Day 4: Magmar Haruspex


not really? it’s pretty strong on it’s own. 4 mana minion with stronger statline than 5 mana, and hard removals cost like 5. even songhai would have a hard time bursting this down.


Thanks I hate it


It’s not like punish, repulsor beast and AoB, exist or anything!


I think it is funny that nobody had this negative reaction when Erratic Raptor came out… and I think it is one of the factors why Ragnora is so good now.


The drawback on this one looks rather insignificant considering that it will also cost 2+ cards to kill it if you are in the early game. It is another excellent tempo play in magmar. Worrying is that we may be at critical mass when the tempoball is too much to recover from.

I am not worried, because sandswirler is a nice answer to this if they didn’t flash it out. If they did use flash, then I will need to keep my distance until I get my response card online.

It seems like this card is good versus some factions while attrocious against others. Abyssian will like playing against this dork and farm it for cards. The lasso spell will like throwing this into the corner.


This card will surely determine how big of a drawback it is to give your opponents cards (and how much said drawback is worth). While it has it’s uses in Starhorn/Decimus lists, this card seems really strong overall, and has great synergy in Keeper lists alongside huge 3 drops like Komodo Hunter, Erratic Rapter, and possibly cards like Marauder, Primal Ballast, and Apex.


I think if you’re forced to use hard removal on every 4 drop your opponent plays, you will lose the game.

Card advantage has historically not been super important in Duelyst, but maybe it’ll be a bigger deal than I think.


Depends on which removal you use and how cost efficient it is. As for card advantage its always important, but on Duelyst it depends on how much pressure you can apply. Had a game yesterday where my opponent had card advantage for the majority of the game (usually had 5 cards compared to my 3) but was able to put him on the back foot and he stayed on the defensive all game until his last turn where the advantage took over and flipped so he was on the offensive. Was alright too late because he was low and I saved my burst in hand to kill him though. If the cards in his hand were more useful in reversing his situation I probably would have been in a bad spot by having a card disadvantage for such a long period.


I was not there when Raptor came out, but I have always hated the card so if I had been, it would be while I was on the floor screaming bloodly murder.

And that card is another good example of why Haruspex is nasty, you would thunk his drawback of turning into an egg holds him back, but first you have to throw a body at that 5/5 statstick that will most likely die and then find another way to damage the remaining egg or it comes back all at 3 mana in a faction that has answer or die stuff at 4 mana and beyond.

So basically, spend removal at 3 mana for raptor/ragebinder, either get board clear (rebuke) or sunsteel/[magmar 4 drop] at 4 mana, lavaslasher/plasma at 5 mana, warbeast at 6 mana, 7 mana to cast whatever is necessary to remove opponents board (plasma, rebuke, nat select)/heal (earth sphere) as well as play another minion and then 8 mana is finisher.


I see three outcomes with this card:

  1. Wins the game by smashing face
  2. Loses you the game by turning BtAs and other small minions into ludicrous card advantage
  3. Gets answered “cleanly” and doesn’t change the game state.

This is a boring card. Doesn’t matter if it’s good or not, I’m gonna roll my eyes every time I see it.


I don’t be agree with that removal opinion. If you spend all your removal on my 4 drops I’m gonna play an unanswered Rot9 or Zendo or Aymara and you’ll lose outright.

And yeah, that’s what I meant by card advantage not meaning as much in this game.


But that is ignoring the chance that I may play something that then you will have to respond to. Which is why it depends on how efficient the removal is and what I am able to play afterwards. If I can removal it (possibly gaining card advantage in the process) and then play something that is a threat to you. You are then losing the board and hand advantage.

Edit: I should say that my own opinion on the card is that it is a high risk, high reward card. Where it can win or lose the game by itself, and depending on what removal people have within they own decks. I disagree that it is OP (for now, opinion may change upon other cards) and that I don’t think it will work in mill or decimus decks. Personally, I think it more of an aggro card where that type of deck normally doesn’t care about your opponent having card advantage.


If this thing comes out on curve, the cheapest removal in the game is Aspect of the Fox at 2 mana, leaving you with a 3/3 to deal with and 2-3 mana to play a threat. What 3 mana must answer could you possibly play


Mechaz0r, if we want to go down this path.


I’d argue feather Knight is pretty dangerous


Mechazor is 4 mana and a token. But also, I think you’re missing my point.

Only if you’ve already popped Scarzig by T2 which is pretty much impossible.


I disagree.

You play snow chaser,

I play scarzig in the back, then prism Barrier him next turn and smack snow chaser


Not when you get it, through playing Mech OG’s. Which is possible to do by 5 mana turn.

But I believe I understand your point, which is if I use my removal on 4 mana minions, then I got nothing left to counter later game threats. But my counter argument is that you won’t just be using the turn to just answer a threat and not develop your own which may need its own response. Haruspex is a threat but it is one that gives your opponent a chance to gain an advantage through card advantage, if not using efficient removal to simply kill it without damaging it.

If I use an efficient method to kill it off and gain no cards then it falls on what I can develop as a threat to swing the game and put you on the back foot. Then you have to deal with what I’ve played before developing your own play or risk my play being able to developed further to help increase my own advantage. Which may lead to you never being able to play a late game threat and therefore I won’t need to counter it.

If I don’t use an efficient method and instead use damage spells or minions then I gain a card advantage but possibly lose the board. However, with a card advantage I have more options open to me in my hand and be more likely to have the answer I need to deal with the board and regain control later down the line. Even if you do play a late game threat, I have more of a chance to have what I need. But there will be times where I don’t and the game will be lost.


You’re right. Which is why I asked the question, what can you use 2-3 mana on that’s threatening enough to turn the tide of battle? Because on curve that’s the most you’ll have after removing Haruspex.

I don’t want to be too negative though, it’s possible I could be wrong. But the reason you can usually remove and play a threat is because you can trade your board into theirs, maybe spend a ping or buff which is 1-2 mana, then play a threat. Haruspex can’t be traded into as easily because it has insane stats.

Either way, an argument for an overstatted minion isn’t ‘you can remove it’. You can remove any minion. The point is that Haruspex is clearly better than other 4 drops, because it’s negative effect isn’t a big deal and can even be used as a positive. But I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

I missed the part where the player who played Snowchaser also played an on curve Haruspex. My whole point was that after removing an on curve Haruspex you don’t have enough mana to play a removal demanding threat, remember?


right, i forgot about punish. but then that’s just cassava’s card.
Not really a fan of repulsor. i mean, the enemy minion literally comes back to haunt you. which is fine for something like shieldmaster or spelljammer who’ll be outclassed by the time it comes back. but 7/6 is something endgame worthy, and it’ll be painful when it comes back.
Idk what AoB is though.