Expansion Spoiler Day 4: Magmar Haruspex


I agree. Aside from Massacre Artist, Khan and Scarzig, the cards from this expansion seem to be boring overall. I have no idea how to play them as they don’t support any existing archetypes, nor are their abilities particularly creative or interesting.


Looks like a really strong card (individually strong as well) and the sprite is amazing. Typical Magmar card (yes I’m still salty).


Abyssians are getting rotated along with their creepy mechanics.

Joke aside, I’ve seen posts arguing about the power you can expect from overstated vanilla minions (or ones that are close to being vanilla at least), and this is where we’ll see the difference between a slight increase in stats and dropping bombs like this bad boy. It could very well be Vaath pre-nerf (the recent ones) level of complaints about how Magmar can be played on curve and on rails.
I think I’m getting salty too.


I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about it but this card is pissing me off. Let’s compare this card to the prenerf Assbot combo that was so busted when the last expansion released.

  • Assbot Combo: spend 5 mana and 2 cards to ramp out a 7/5 while removing board and usually leaving a 4/3 Deceptibot. Comes out as early as T2.

  • Haruspex: spend 4 mana for a 7/6 or 2 mana and 2 cards for a 7/4. Comes out as early as T1.

If the Assbot combo was super broken, how is this any better? Not to mention that they have Kujata to make it a 3 mana 7/5. If your answer is that it doesn’t remove a 2 drop, allow me to remind you that Natural Selection is a card. A very good card.

Now let’s talk about the ‘negative’ of this card. Not really a problem. Firstly, this card comes out so early (T1/T/2) that the opponent likely already has a nearly full hand, which keeps them from abusing the draw. Secondly, if Mr Starhorn gets the god draw and curves this guy into flash decispikes, you’re taking ridiculous amounts of damage, possibly up to 18 if Haruspex goes face. And this is as early as T3. I’m not a fan of that highroll. Third and finally, this thing is immune to dispel and comes out so early it likely takes an entire turn to remove, either by spending expensive hard removal and/or sacrificing your entire board as well as taking face damage.

One of Duelyst’s biggest sources of players is people who are sick of Hearthstone. This is a good way to make someone sick of Duelyst.

I guess I could be wrong and we could be getting some insane hard removal or stuff that’s even more busted than this or maybe I’m so biased against Magmar that I’m over evaluating it. But… probably not. This is how we felt when Lavaslasher and Meltdown were revealed, and we weren’t wrong then.

Sibon why do you do this to me


Ready your transformation belts boys.
Turn 2 7/4 that mills cards is not fun.
Please god nerf this stupid ass card before people will abuse the leaving shit out of it


7/4 turn 2 is bad spot to be brother


give me the salt… I need it to thaw away my Vanar Collection!


Why would you throw away such a fine collection?

Said the dude with no magmar collection and full vanar collection


To be truthful… I started the game with Vanar

Then the fire Natio…Songhai attacked and nerfed it to the ground.

I had to escape into the jungles of the Magmarii. Ragnora fed me and Progenigirl gifted me with many S rank babies.

The lands of the Whyte mountains are not foreign to me, but the icy halls are in shambles… My mentor took me back but he told me that the Skorns will die out soon… there will be no Luminous Bloom anymore in the cold lands. Also the Vanar will soon forget how to invoke the aspect of the critters… and the herds of Thunderhorn bulls won’t get fed if that happens…
An economical catastophy.


True and tbe new legendary does not cutting it.
Plus they loss alot of utility with vespyrs so… lets hope for a good cards other then the waterbender
O moght just switch to magmar or vet too if things will get ugly


which evil will you choose?

Magmar or Vet?

Hopefully another faction will rise! (not Songhai I will never forget their betrayal)


I alresy master the way of the fire.
Even though panda is rotating too so panda poison boardclear is not an option anymore.
Assassinating with reva is always a clean way to get salt on chat.

Well it’s a tough question - both evils are appealing to me for diffrent reasons.
One got gust the others got lizards and you got to hug your lizards


@snowshot @beelakor hey guys let’s be sure not to derail the Haruspex post. Don’t forget we have DM’s or a general discussion thread :slight_smile:


Haha guys look a BiiiiiG BOy with a WAckY downside!!!

I hate this expansion. Every card is either just weak weird shit for weird shit’s sake or boring things like this, that, good or not, will be universally hated for turning the game into if you draw removal I lose and if you don’t I win.


I tried to get away from the complaints to the card that were building up.

I think Haruspex is an OK card. Duelyst is a positional game afterall unlike Hearthstone and Magmar is known for its bad mobility. It might be advisable to just run from a T1 7/4 until you get a 3-4 mana answer for it.


I don’t know about this card. The stats are huge and the downside may be mild, given how early this comes out in the game. Nevertheless, it’s just a big body, which can likely be removed without forcing the opponent to sacrifice cards due to its text. It’s not a particularly interesting or fun card, so I’m on the negative side in my evaluation.

The only way this card could become interesting is if mill becomes a viable strategy. But then the downside is going to be an upside, which would make the card really broken.


Please god no. Mill is one of the most annoying and frustrating archetypes to play against. With only allowing 3 copies of cards and max 40 card decks, it becomes way to easy to disrupt a deck’s synergy. Also, I put cards in my deck for a reason…I’d appreciate the ability to play at least some of them…

Future hyperbole aside, I can see this card getting out of control very quickly. We don’t know the full expansion yet, but it is disheartening to even imagine the possibility.


The real potential problem I see here is that Magmar already has access to Erratic Raptor, which is a huge body. The expansion is also introducing Sellsoul, which again is a big boy. With this, I fear Magmar might become just too good at controlling the board and Natural Selection will become crazy…


With a cold mind, this is sunstell replacement. Yes sunstell doesn’t have 7 atk but it has forcefield and no negatives. So maybe it will be balance (but very good like sunstell)


Inceptor is the replacement for Haruspex. Is anyone willing to refine this list after the release?