Expansion Spoiler Day 4: Magmar Haruspex


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That is… very interesting…


holy sh*& i just posted about magmar recieving op stuff sigh self damaging millmar ftw


Lets be real here, this is a strong card, not op.

For example, this requires cards like kujata or flash reincarnation to get value, otherwise it would just be removed instantly because this is duelyst we are talking about.


:thinking:Starhorn, Decimus, how much they wanna make me hate that deck…


What a statsick, who cares Funsteel is gone when we have this?


But if you do that, your opponent draws a card giving them a chance to draw into removal anyway.


trickstar burn is now toptier so its only right for magmar burn to be aswell i see what u did here cpg


I thought both players draw a card, so this is really meh.


Trickstar burn isn’t really top tier, the deck doesn’t attempt to end the game in massive burn pushes but instead disrupt the oppent and slowly burn them not to mention the burn build us worse, these are 2 very different burn decks.


Millmar is back baby!


millmar support :snowchaser:

primal ballast support :sirpenti:

i-dont-care-about-your-board-im-smashing-your-face support :sweat:

its the lavaslasher nerf we deserve, but not the one we need right now :magsad:



I’ve been waiting for Starhorn support for so long… finally, the time has come. :sirpenti:


Why Magmar always gets op cards? Why cpg? This guy has way too much health. Like 7/4 for two mana with flash? Also keeper constantly resommon this?C’mon…


and then draining wave it away as a cantrip for 4 life…


I’m getting HS flashbacks here. Something about 4 mana 7/7s being too OP…
Starhorn be damned, I’ll play 3 of this in any Magmar deck.


I want this in a quillmill deck… with multiple on board through Progenitor AND Fractal Replication



Seems like an obvious Starhorn support, but I’ll have to wait and see to really come to a conclusion about its viability. My main problem with Starhorn minions is that they depend on the opponent to open plays, making them somewhat unreliable. Of course, they have cards like Entropic Gaze and Tectonic Spikes or maybe the occasional Spelljammer, but that’s about it; methods to manipulate enemy draws are pretty limited compared to something like Arcanyst spell procs, for instance.

This card is quite similar in a sense where it also requires the opponent to act a certain way, which is to engage in combat with this minion instead of using removal. However, it has great stats to compensate and has ramp synergy with Flash and Kujata. Maybe it will see some play, maybe it won’t. On second thought, this would probably be used in decks other than Starhorn as well, given its glorious beatdown capabilities; who knows? I was never a Magmar expert anyways.


I don’t really have anything positive to say about this card, so I’ll just keep it inside. Looks exceedingly unfun to play against. Trying to give a reason to play Starhorn but it’s a 4 mana 7/6 so it’ll probably work just as well in Vaath. Magmar players, get excited.

Also to be noted they released a legendary for each faction except a common for Abyssian, which is strange.


We gotta get a demon in Abyssian!