Expansion Spoiler Day 3: Punish


It’s time to put on the punishment with Punish.


Soooo, Execute?
Great, cause Abyssian needed removal. Sigh.
It seems good yes, but does Cassyva really need even more efficient removal, considering she can generate a ping out of nowhere?


This is an auto include for swarm abyssian


And for cassyva. Combine with bbs ping and you can kill anything for 3 mana.


Exciting…a new useful spell…iam looking forward to destroy some ironcliffs:slight_smile:


Its great for every abyssian deck except maybe big lilith or death watch lilith


I just came…
Seriously first proper Cas removal, I’ll take four of these please!


Answer for lyonar no brainers


Not a complaint, but I fear this synergizes too well with Cassyva’s BBS, it’s a 3 mana hard removal when the BBS is on… Let’s see how many removals will be used by Abyssian decks!


Whooooooooooah! Control Cassyva is love, Control Cassyva is life. :heart_eyes:

Also, this is one step closer to actualizing my dream of HS’s Warrior playstyle in Duelyst. :sweat_smile:

Also, this only boosts the grinder-fest that is Lilithe in Gauntlet. :muscle:


This is great ranged removal for Cassy, since she can just ping anything and play this on it. Excelsious is looking less promising by the minute.


More cheap removal for arguably the best removal/control faction.

I seriously do not understand the design direction of this game any more. At all.


Yay, finally abyssian can remove even the enemy general’s panties


Recently nerfed faction gets relatively mediocre card: everybody screams bloody murder and panics. Top tier general gets insanely efficient removal added to their arsenal: perfectly fine.


this looks very very stronk… Meanwhile Vetruvian runs to even dispell a minion…


Great card! Bye bye dark transformation !


Looks really epic, cool, strong, nice :slight_smile:
Good synergy with swarm and Cassyva.
I can’t wait for the rest of the expansion!
37 cards left! :smiley:


every faction will probably get really good cards


I think it’s a little too strong for 2 mana. Should cost 3 imo.


I think it’s going to be slower expansion with big minons so some control options are welcome imo.