Expansion Spoiler Day 2: Geomancer


Welcome the walking embodiment of a geothermal armageddon! Welcome Geomancer.


Why do you love songhai so much?

The card looks great, but the effect…

He isn’t welcome in my book.


Wooow incredible! (Just kidding! :unamused:)


Are you kidding me?


I hope other factions will have at least so OP cards like that one is! Because this one is disquisting in the bad meaning… :expressionless:


already hate this card…


Permanent effects? If yes, then it’s basically 1 mana PF every 2 turns, then after 9 mana it will just become hell





No, seriously, what the actual fuck.

First of all, what on earth (ohohoho the puns) does a Geomancer have to do with Phoenix FIRE?
Second, we just got Songhai to a half decent spot balance-wise. Why does it already look like we’re trying to put them back at the top?





But really guys it won’t be as crazy as you think, its 5 mana with a not great body that has no immediate impact if you have no spare mana


What if, this was a neutral minion?


Guys, we’re done for. Else we all play Songhai or we can all bow to their supremacy…


Good Songhai decks will kill you before this thing has a chance to make an impact, it’s really not that big a deal.


We should see…


You have got to be kidding me. I bet after two weeks when we finally get a magmar spoiler ita going to have an effect like:

“Your oppenent gains 5 health and draws two cards. Your next minnion cost 1 less”

Because counterplay doesn’t care about dinosaur people.


just keep telling yourself that. denial is the first stage of grief


are you fucking serious and its a rare? GG Songhai becoming more and more close to getting broken i should be a legendary in my opinion second it should become an 8 mana


I play Songhai lmao and I can tell you I’m not going to be using this card unless it’s the powerhouse that enables control Reva

Spellhai and junk want their heart seekers, they can do way more damage with a heartseeker and 5 mana than with this guy, and way earlier at that.


The wording of this card makes it sound like your Bloodborne Spell’s cost goes up to two mana (Your Bloodborne Spell is Phoenix Fire). If so, this card is not actually all that great. It could create some interesting late-game Songhai decks, but this is not going to make Songhai any faster. I can make a much, much more efficient aggro/face deck without wasting my five mana turn for virtually no immediate impact.

Calm down people, not the end of the world.


i might really quit duelyst :frowning: if the next meta is Songhai after Songhai


So many posts in and still no masturbating jokes? Disappointing.

OT: This effect better work only while the minion is on the board rather than it being permanent. If I have to experience another meta where I keep getting bombared by phoenix fires, I’m going to go fucking mental.

Can someone confirm what is the case here?