Expansion Spoiler Day 10: Horror Burster


Time for this horror to burst onto the scene and it has only one wish! To die!


0.o this will certainly make those wraithlings threatening but it might hit your blood moon. Does the horror have any abilities or is it just stats?


OMG…really cool card…thumbs up


So it’s a mark of solitude.

  • But it costs 1 more.
  • And has a delayed effect.
  • It also gives you a body.
  • Which can hit face.
  • Body is weak to pings and aoe though.
  • But it can trade fairly efficiently if it lives.

How the hell do I evaluate this card lmfao?

Either way, I really like the design of the card. You can clearly see how CPG is upping their game when it comes to creating interesting shit. I’m starting to expect a lot from the expansion.


woooot ? are you serious :fearful: 3 mana for 10/7. What is a Horror though?


i wonder what is this 6/6 horror.


When you have 8 Wraithlings on the board but your Shadowdancer turns into a 6/6 Horror


Could it possibly be a 6/6 token with no card text? :hushed:


This… is amazing. The effect seems very Abyssian, the animation is solid and the design evokes an awesome organism so rarely depicted in fiction:

The Sea Scorpion


I asked for a more diverse range of organisms, I was not disappointed. In case you were wondering, the sea scorpion, or Eurypterid, was a giant aquatic arthropod, with some specimens being up to 3 meters long. Fossils of these were found from the Ordovician to the Permian. Think, giant, human-sized Aquatic Scorpion.


Good in ramp decks and swarm decks that hasn’t fully set up yet. Imagine having 1 wraithling near your enemies general and then summon and darkfire sacrifice this to hit face for 6. Oh if only the horror had wraithling synergy or kept it’s hosts abilities, then this would be auto include in Lilith. But overall I’d say it’s only good when you have a crappy board state (which happens often). Incredibly weak to aoe though.

At long last… a good 3 drop in abyss. Is it Christmas? Yes? Hooray!


really good effect but apparently next meta has tons of cheap removals i dont know


Cool effect, difficult to evaluate as of now. But very interesting card!


I like it a lot, very interesting card!


Really great card design for both dying wish and swarm orientated decks! I think this will be played simply because it is a 3 drop, which abyssian (and a few other factions) have been lacking.


Really really cool, I’ll slap this in my Dying Wish deck pronto!
Well, as soon as I can anyway :smiley:


It’s just… Good. Very good. I really like it.


I wonder if I can make it work in Cass…


if so then this card is fantastic.


Why do you think so?


Imagin this, turn one as player 2 drop him on the mana tile and drop zyx behind you. You’ll definatly get value out of em :weary:. Worst case you bait a chromatic cold best case you get a 6\6