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Expansion spoiler day 1 - Khanuum-Ka


Suggestions for nicknames:

  • KhaKa / Kaka
  • -Ka / Kha
  • K-K / KK
  • Kakatua


Make a poll :slight_smile:


Rushface-Ka or
Rushface Ra

maybe Rush-Ra or Rush-Ka?

One more option is to make it sound alike to the original name: Kaboom-Ka
I can’t decide…


I like the balance this card has: you can’t use it as a homing missile to explode the enemy general, but you can potentially clear boards or big baddies with it, pick targets on the other side of the board and give a use to dervishes with nothing to hit. It’s also rather annoying to take care of this without dispelling it first, but that’s not a big problem.
Seems like another good tool for Vets to tinker with.


What happens If a Khanuum-ka kills a Khanuum-ka?


By the way, I’m I the only one who noticed that a Dervish doesn’t transform into the Khannum-Ka? It disappears. Will disappear be fleshed out into a new archetype?


I think the disappear wording is there to prevent the new Kaboom ka from losing movement or attack if the dervish already did that.


sigh please forgive my oversight and naive trust of auto correct.
I shall forever carry this burden. Please excuse me while I adorn a hair shirt for my crimes.


I just thought it was peculiar. Why does this card make the dervish disappear instead of destroyed? It’s oddly unconventional.


hmm maybe you get around further feeding of deathwatch? Destroy would be fair though… Noone will ever play him together with Duskweaver and be NOT worried about the RNG.

Shockingly Orb Weaver gets slightly more playable with Kaboom Ka

Edit: another suitable name for this guy could be Krash-Ka-Dummy


It probably makes the Dervish disappear instead of destroying it to avoid infinite loops If you theoretically manage to have 2 of him on a board.


So Dying Wish doesn’t trigger if the minion disappears? I suppse that makes sense.


Yea, disappear means the card simply vanishes from existence. Nothing procs on it, it no longer has any effect on the board etc.


List of possible Khanuum-Ka nicknames

  • KhaKa / Kaka
  • -Ka / Kha
  • K-K / KK
  • Kakatua
  • Rush-Ka
  • Karush-Ka
  • Kaboom-Ka

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Where is countdown conundrum?


wheres akmun ra

or other ra based nicknames

or kanon based nicknames


also Khala/Protoss related nicknames or random sound-almost-like names like Nunchaku-Ka, Vacuum-Ka, Cancùn-Ka, Can-can-Ka…
So many possibilities :unicorn: !


I honestly think just calling it “Kahn” would be fine, it’s a relatively well known name too so people should remember it and if this card turns out to be OP, then the name will be so much more appropriate.

  • I like the name “Khan”
  • I think there is a better name out there

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Mega Ultra Chicken?