Expansion spoiler day 1 - Khanuum-Ka


what is nimbus supposed to be again


Nimbus’ head always looked like a cat to me, so… Bast?


Welp, Istanu is one of my favorite cards in Faeria, and vet is my favorite faction. So this should be REALLY fun to play with


desolater no. 2


There’s a card that gives +1 and flying to tiger?

I think it’ll shine best against Vaath :wink:


Tiger 4 mana 3/2 rush
Akmun ra 5 mana 3/3 rush flying

In a vacuum its tiger with +1 hp and flying

But with a board its bonkers


Looks to me like a build-around card. A scary, scary build-around card. As long as you still have dervishes, and the opponent still has things you can run the khanuum into, the damage output of this thing…and yeah, Vaath will despise this thing, unless it turns out to be competitively non-viable. But considering obelysks and cataclysmic fault do well competitively, I think this is going to be a very scary card. Trygon obelysk or cataclysmic fault followed by this will be brutal.

…And lightbenders are the only thing that can mostly deal with a fault. Welp. Everybody pack two or three, I guess.

…I mean, if they have minions with any real attack power, if they have attack-boosting artifacts, if…well, we’ll see what happens. Maybe every faction is getting crazy-powerful cards.


Oh, he was talking about the card being a better tiger, not there being a better combo. Makes sense now :raised_hands: (this was the closest emoji to a lightbulb :roll_eyes:)


Maybe I should stop running Lancer in my Heal Lyonar decks…


I imagine playing around this card will prove to be quite a Khanuum-drum.


Cool looking card to be comboed with Cataclysmatic fault. It will be fun to troll Vaath and Zira’n with a couple of times.

Also I remember a fan card that was something like a 9 mana 3/3 rush dervish dying wish summon a copy of this near the enemy general :thinking:




Wouldn’t that be an OTK against Vaath?


Feels also like sending your opponent to Khazad-dum


I dont remember. Is nightwatcher being rotated out?

On a side note cpg seems to be trying to add nails to windstorm obelysks coffin, but its already 6ft underground


The fan card would indeed be a OTK against Vaath, Khanuum-Ka needs a board to do that which is rather hard to maintain against Vaath but that’s what we have Cataclysmatic Fault for :wink:

Also @Oranos, Nitghtwatcher is indeed rotating out.


Not even an Eternal Heart would be able to save that poor Vaath!



What was that just now?


I should’ve thought of it first! :thonk:


sounds like pokemon i hope it appears in the opposite side of the board but then thats just silly …8/10 more annoyance i think this kills emp and hits you for free, whoops edited i read the card wrong i thought it summoned a dervish…oooh disappears…i think ppl are overly excited this is a hit or miss card can be dead so it might be a one of when meta settles 7/10