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Expansion spoiler day 1 - Khanuum-Ka


Incredibly cool design, extremely scary looking card. Probably balanced but Flying Rush… yikes. I like the incentive to play tiles


Its more a control card than an aggro card and i really really like that. cant wait to play with that. And vaath will hate this so much!


on 6 mana --> Cataclysmic fault
on 7 mana–> Rushface Ra=7 Hits+ Rloodtear= 6 hits+1 dmg+ Bloodtear= 6 hits+ 1 dmg

if you can kill Rushface Ra with each of his own hits this makes 19x3+2=59dmg

This combo could be used as a bunkerbreaker against a Variax Swarm/ Arcanyst swar board


oh look, a reason to play creep tiles


That I enjoy your Jontron references and nothing more :slight_smile:


Please no more rush.


furiously scrambles to find Jontron saying Doom


Nerf to 3/2 Kappa


On an additonal note: this card might encourage people to play Windstorm Obelysk for once because the Wind Dervishes can survive going face.

I am going to reconsider my initial reaction though because unless you’re facing Vaath or Zir’An the enemy General is very unlikely to have >2 Attack, meaning you can’t suicide Kha-Ka into them repeatedly.


It’s nice to come back to this forum after half a year and see this game is still balanced.


i think you mean buff. since then it doesnt even need to be against vaath to suicide and create a cascade of dervish rush

a real nerf would be to make it a 6 mana 2/3


One point worth discussing is that this guy counters Vaath, who was the natural counter to Obelysk decks and other Vetruvian builds. I wonder whether this might push Vetruvian over the top :thinking: we will see! It’s still a card which requires a specific deck to work


This actually creates an interesting paradox if proven to be strong enough.

If it is people will stop running vaath and because people stop running vaath, they stop playing this and because they stoped playing this vaath is played.


And then people will get fed up with the Vaath-NotVaath meta and play more Vanar.

Great, just great.


Day 1 of spoilers and Unranked mode already becomes broken :smiley: oh noes


you mispelled “ranked” :snowchaser:


Looks fun, but with Whisper of the sands rotating out and most generals usually not having 3 attack. Might not be all that great. Buts its a dying wish card which is a plus, but not one I can add to my existing deck.


Corpse Combustion just haaaaaaaaaad to rotate out. Anger.


It seems like an anti “have more than 3 attack on your general at all times” kind of card. I’m excited about what this means for Obelisk Vetruvian, but I’m still worried about how they’re going to support Sajj game play.


This looks like it can either be part of a degenerate combo, or a silly unplayable meme.

At face value, you pay 1 more mana to have 1 more attack and flying on a Saberspine Tiger. As Zirix, you probably have one or two poop dervishes laying around, so it can be expected to give +1/+1 and flying at least a few times. Not horrible, but not good either.

However, I think that some Hybrid Cypheron deck will be where this truely shines. In the lategame, if you can get some sand or obelysks going, you can threaten either combo/boardclear with this unit, or steal a bunch of stuff with Justin Trudeau depending on whether your opponent has mostly high or low attack minions. It may be a janky combo, but you bet your bottom dollar that I’m gonna test it out.

Also, I like how Vetruvian’s getting more animal-headed Egyptian gods. Oserix and Nimbus were starting to get lonely.