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Expansion spoiler day 1 - Khanuum-Ka


:sweat: this feels OP

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This card needs nerf immediately. You can basically, with a board filled with wind dervishes keep hitting something with 3 attack. In addition, the rush gives it so much burst with cards like 3rd wish.

On a second though, it really competes for that 5 mana slot along with sandswirl and BoA so as long as Vet doesn’t get any good early game cards along with the rotation of Falcius, it probably won’d be too bad.


Seems like no more than a sideboard card against vaath.


Very interesting effect, but it’s a hard card to evaluate in a vacuum. It sounds like a tech card for Obelysk decks, which however are changing a lot with the upcoming rotation.

I don’t know, it very creative and the design is cool, but I’m very confused about its playability…


if you have fault up, thats 6 3/3s with flying and rush for 5 mana


exactly my thought haha, still not sure how to feel about this card but that is definitely a thing you can do


Somebody’s gonna break this. Kujata maybe? No, that’s a Magmar card.


The thing is, it’s only good against vaath, otherwise it’s an over priced tiger. It will still require a lot of setup.


you can still use it to clear board tho


Board clear tho.


I’m at least thankful it has 3 health. If it were 2 health, there’s nothing stopping you from smacking the enemy general with 3 damage plus 3 more damage for each dervish on your board.

If you can’t kill your own Khanuum-Ka from attacking, you need to stick a normal dervish on the board (or a buffed wind dervish) to keep him around if your opponent clears it.


Star’s Fury also doesn’t hurt your own board, and it’s positioning requirement is rarely harmful.


mirage master or superior mirage or thunderclap :sweat:


replacing himself :thonk:
how is this abusable
edit: I guess it says disappear not destroy, so you cant keep cycling him forever lol


This WOULD be broken with corpse combustion, but :magsad:


Just get some poop dervishes, and…

Well, I’m sure there IS a way to break this card. I will wait.


Play Fault
Play This
Get Money

Vaath hate is real though.


low key ziran and artifact hate is low key


Board control meta incoming. Leave any Dervishes alive or you lose half your Health on the next turn. Pax would’ve loved working with this thing.

Very cool design at least.


(I’m going to respond to every spoiler with Jontron to prove that he goes with everything, that aside I love the card and I’ll probably Craft a few)

@thanatosnoa liked this, are you trying to tell me something?