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Expansion - Spoiled Card List


I have to wonder why the wording couldn’t just be “at the end of any player’s turn, give one of their OTHER minions a random buff and keyword” instead of having to write “(excluding Hsuku)” at the end


I think it’s worded that way so that it can’t buff an ally (or enemy) Hsuku.


No lifestream synergy :sweat:


I guess that makes sense, 2 of them seems really slow though


I wonder what the random buffs are. Do you guys they will be strong enough to create a deck revolving around Hsuku?


15 characters :expressionless:


FUCKYESSSS A NOT-USELESS ROOK. wow this week hasn’t even started much, but I frikin love it already. dynamic minions created by intensify, and now an epic rarity keywords minion.

the best part is that the body is pretty solid. the bad part is that I just realized that I can accidentally give my enemy something really op and shootmyself in the foot.

that said, how does Hsuku interact with:
-itself (does it give the same keyword sometimes?)
-another hsuku (do they give the same keywords sometime? the wording makes it sound like 2 hsukus won’t be buffing each other)
-fate watcher(do the keywords overlap?)


Imagine something like having Celerity twice… What would happen?


don’t you mean ragnora? :joy:
joking aside, these things don’t stack. e.g. having 2 forcefields will say forcefield x2 but it behaves exactly like just 1 forcefield. or frenzyx2. that shit don’t work yo. while i’ve never had double celerity before, i expect it to be act like the other keywords.


Well, that’s disappointing. :expressionless:


you know, even if it were true, doing a ragnora will still do the double celerity thing more reliably. hell, you can even throw in some good ol diretide. and who knows what support he’ll get in this expansion.


There’s this golden frame on the art of every Intensify spell card. Wonder why.


maybe because most lyonar spells look extremely similar. or maybe the border will glow/expand the more you play it. that would be cool AND functional which means a 95% chance it wont happen


That’s seems really plausible, actually. Maybe the color would change too?


But where else are you gonna get:

  • Zeal: heal general 5 health at the end of your turn
  • Deathwatch: Draw to 5 cards
  • Grow: +5/+5
  • Blast


Those are all Rook effects? They’re more impressive than I thought they were.


if this was deathwatch: gain +5/+5, he would see some play


Rook actually has Deathwatch: draw until your hand is full.


Nope, just checked the wiki and it said until 5 cards.

Oh and he also has backstab 5 and infiltrate +5 attack


You are right, It has been over a year since I last played Rook so I probably got some stuff mixed up :sweat_smile: