Expansion - Spoiled Card List


I suppose we will have to wait and see how good it is when the expansion drops, but for now I can imagine lots of situations where playing this guy is very clunky (against almost every Vet deck, most Songhai decks, Egg decks, any kind of Swarm decks ect. ect.). Granted, I am usually pretty bad at predicting a card’s power level before playing with it, so I may be completely wrong about all this :stuck_out_tongue:


ironically nimbus would counter khan, but its rotating out


All it needs to be good is one minion it can kill and enough dervishes to do so and still reappear. Then you remove their threat and leave behind an out-of-reach threat in a corner that has to be dealt with at range, or else the opponent is locked out of dropping any minion with more than two attack. So assuming they answer it, you lose your khanuum and dervishes, they lose a good minion and a removal spell. And if the dervishes you used up were mostly or completely wind dervishes, you’re not even losing anything.

It doesn’t have to get the most insane result possible to be good, it just has to provide more than five mana’s worth of benefit to the user, which I see as very possible. Yeah, it needs setup, but the best kind of setup is the kind that’s already good by itself, which is the exact kind this thing lives off of.

That’s my take.

Edit: Added the word “be” to the second sentence.


I don’t think this card is OP, simply because of 3hp. While it (kind of) goes well with Fault- the opponent would have to have 3 attack for you do be able to just run it all into their face.


seems like the theme of this expansion is: “it’s only OP if you let him pull it off”. I wonder if they’ll bring out more utility


Will we get an Abyssian legendary reveal this week?


Not a fan of this expansion. It’s just kinda answer and win or don’t and lose for (almost) every damn card.


we better. its the only faction that hasnt gotten a legendary reveal yet


I hope they don’t spoil that, it means its amazing (remember Variax). Just hoping


Is it me, or are none of these cards really hype-worthy. They seem strong and balanced, but other then Scarzig and Mega Ultra Chicken, there’s been no “wow” moments in this spoiler season so far. The cards just seem… decent.


So we not excited about backstab supremacy?

Its gonna be fun defensively setting a board filled with bandits and horns and then cashing in with artist.

Also, he prefers the name Khan.


mass flight backstab meta incoming


Holy, I forgot about Mass Flight. We 'bout to paint this country red boys!


It was the same during the last spoiler season and most of the interesting cards were revealed on the release day. To me, it seems the cards revealed so far are better than those revealed in the first days of the IV spoilers…



Ermagerd Hsuku is happening!

Expansion Spoiler Day 7? - Neutral Minion Hsuku

Is this an official reveal?


Yeah, it was on Hsuku’s stream earlier. Only watched it for a bit, the buffs were +2 attack, +1/1 or +2 health and the keywords were Provoke, Celerity, Flying and Frenzy that the minion can give, I believe.

But my favourite thing about it is the art of the card, Hsuku described it as a witch hunter from the warhammer if I remembered correctly. Its possibly the best looking card (art wise) from the expansion in my opinion.


Cool. Neurolink Sajj meta incoming.

Probably not, though.