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Forum FAQ

  • What’s the name of the expansion?

    Trials of Mythron

  • When is the release date?

    March 27th, 2018

  • What is Intensify?

    A stacking effect based on the number of times that card has hit the battlefield.
    Read more in our article here!

  • What is Trial and Destiny? What about the new Mythron Rarity

    Trial and Destiny is a paired keyword coming to Duelyst, and they appear on a new achievement-like rarity called Mythron.
    Read more in our article here!


Name Faction Rarity Type Mana Stats Description
Massacre Artist SONGHAI Legendary MINION 4 2/5 Backstab: (2). After this minion attacks and backstabs, all attacks are backstabs this turn.
Cloudcaller VANAR Legendary MINION 5 4/5 Opening Gambit: Your Bloodbound Spell refreshes and is Lesser Waterball this turn.
Lesser Waterball VANAR Token SPELL 1 N/A Deal 4 damage to an enemy minion.
Sellsoul NEUTRAL Rare MINION 3 4/5 Dying Wish: Deal 4 damage to YOUR General.
Indominus LYONAR Legendary MINION 7 7/9 Your General is Invulnerable BUT cannot move or attack.
Chittering Tiller ABYSSIAN Common MINION 3 4/3 Frenzy. Opening Gambit: Teleport the enemy General one space forward.
Fizzling Mystic NEUTRAL Common MINION 4 3/3 Opening Gambit: Deal 2 damage to an enemy OR restore 2 Health to a friendly minion or General.
Metalmeld VETRUVIAN Rare SPELL 2 N/A Equip a friendly artifact that was destroyed this game.
Krater MAGMAR Common MINION 3 2/4 Opening Gambit: Deal 1 damage to everything (including itself).


Name Faction Rarity Type Mana Stats Description
Bonecrusher ABYSSIAN Common MINION 3 0/3 Intensify: This minion gains +5 attack.
Bolster LYONAR Common SPELL 2 N/A Intensify: Give friendly minions +2 Health.
Knucklestorm SONGHAI Common SPELL 1 N/A Intensify: Deal 1 damage to an enemy.
Thicket Augur VANAR Common MINION 2 1/1 Intensify: Summon 1 Treant with Provoke nearby.
Riftwalker NEUTRAL Rare MINION 4 3/3 Airdrop. Intensify: Deal 1 damage to ALL minions and Generals around it.
Painful Pluck ABYSSIAN Common SPELL 1 N/A Intensify: Turn 1 random space into Shadow Creep, prioritizing spaces under enemy minions.
Legion LYONAR Common MINION 3 3/2 Intensify: Put 1 Crestfallen into your action bar. Shuffle a copy of this minion into your deck.
Mortar-Maw MAGMAR Epic MINION 5 4/4 Ranged. Whenever this minion attacks, it also damages enemies around its target.
Mirrorrim NEUTRAL Common MINION 1 2/1 Opening Gambit: Shuffle three copies of a friendly minion into your deck.
Accumulonimbus VETRUVIAN Common SPELL 4 N/A Intensify: Summon 2 Wind Dervishes nearby your General.
Angered Okkadok MAGMAR Common MINION 2 1/2 Intensify: This minion gains +1/+1.

WEEK 3 - Read more in our article here!

Name Faction Rarity Type Mana Stats Description
Hideatsu the Ebon Ox SONGHAI Mythron MINION 0 5/5 Trial: Summon 7 minions from your action bar with different mana costs. Destiny: Summon friendly minions to deal their cost as damage to an enemy.
Underlord Xor’Xuul ABYSSIAN Mythron MINION 6 6/1 Trial: Cast 6 spells that destroy a friendly minion. Destiny: Whenever a friendly minion dies, re-summon it on a random space.
Resonance Scythe VANAR Epic ARTIFACT 2 N/A Your General has +1 Attack. Whenever your General destroys a Stunned enemy, reactivate them.
Hatefurnace MAGMAR Mythron MINION 4 5/4 Trial: Cast 5 spells that give a minion +Attack. Destiny: Minions summoned from your action bar gain Rush and Frenzy
Obdurator VETRUVIAN Epic ARTIFACT 2 N/A Your General gains +1 Attack. At the start of your turn, repair all of your artifacts by 1 durability
Oak in the Nemeton VANAR Mythron MINION 6 6/6 Trial: Have 5 token minions with different names. Destiny: Friendly token minions have +4/+4.
Second Self SONGHAI Rare SPELL 2 N/A Put an EXACT copy of a friendly minion into your action bar.
Notion of Starless Eternity VETRUVIAN Mythron MINION 5 3/3 Trial: General reaches the other edge of the battlefield with an equipped artifact. Destiny: Each equipped artifact gives your General a tier of ascension.
Disciple of Yggdra VANAR Legendary MINION 3 2/3 When an enemy is Stunned, transform this minion into Yggdra’s Voracity.
Yggdra’s Voracity VANAR Token MINION 3 5/5 Whenever an enemy is Stunned, fully heal this minion.
Grand Strategos LYONAR Mythron MINION 5 5/5 Trial: Summon 10 minions with 1 or less Attack. Destiny: Promote other friendly minions at the end of your turn.
Coalfist SONGHAI Common MINION 4 4/4 Intensify: Give a random nearby friendly minion +2 Attack this turn.

WEEK 3.5

Name Faction Rarity Type Mana Stats Description
Alcuin Fugitive NEUTRAL Legendary Arcanyst 5 2/5 At the end of any turn you cast a spell, put a copy of the most recently cast spell into your action bar.
Mythron Wanderer NEUTRAL Mythron MINION 6 6/6 Trial: Have no duplicate cards in your deck. Destiny: Your minions have +1/+1.
Chirpuka NEUTRAL Epic MINION 5 3/6 Whenever your opponent summons a minion, summon a 2/1 Puka with Provoke in front of it.
Puka NEUTRAL Token MINION 1 2/1 Provoke
Aer Pridebeak NEUTRAL Common MINION 3 3/4 Whenever your opponent casts a spell, restore 1 Health to your General.
Lionize LYONAR Epic SPELL 5 N/A Give Celerity to a friendly minion directly behind your General.
Xenkai Cannoneer SONGHAI Legendary MINION 5 4/4 Ranged. Whenever you summon a minion with Ranged, that minion gains Rush.
Yielding Depths ABYSSIAN Rare SPELL 2 N/A If you have three or more Shadow Creep, draw 2 cards.
Wither VETRUVIAN Rare SPELL 3 N/A An enemy minion disappears at the start of your next turn.
Gargantuan Growth MAGMAR Rare SPELL 4 N/A Give a minion, “Grow: +8/+8.”
Fenrir Berserker VANAR Rare MINION 5 4/3 Dying Wish: Summon a Fenrir Warmaster on this space.
Beastclad Hunter MAGMAR Rare MINION 4 3/6 Takes no damage from minions with less Attack.
Hexclaw ABYSSIAN Legendary MINION 5 7/2 Dying Wish: The enemy General gains, “At the start of your turn, take 1 damage.”

Streamer Reveals

Name Faction Rarity Type Mana Stats Description
Khanuum-ka VETRUVIAN Legendary Dervish 5 3/3 Flying, Rush. Dying Wish: A random friendly Dervish disappears, summoning a Khanuum-ka in its place.
Lifestream LYONAR Common SPELL 1 N/A Fully heal a friendly minion, then draw a copy of it from your deck.
Scarzig NEUTRAL Legendary MINION 3 1/2 If this minion destroys an enemy and survives, friendly Scarzig ANYWHERE transform into Feather Knights.
Scarzig, Feather Knight NEUTRAL Token MINION 3 4/8 Celerity. Whenever this minion attacks, give other friendly minions +1/+1.
Haruspex MAGMAR Legendary MINION 4 7/6 Whenever this minion takes damage, your opponent draws a card.
Munch ABYSSIAN Rare SPELL 3 N/A Steal Health from an enemy minion for each friendly Shadow Creep, until it dies.
Permafrost VANAR Epic SPELL 3 N/A Stun an enemy minion. Stunned enemy minions Stun a nearby enemy.
Hsuku NEUTRAL Epic MINION 4 2/6 At the end of any player’s turn, give one of their minions a random buff and keyword (excluding Hsuku).
Atom Klinger VETRUVIAN Rare MINION 3 1/5 Whenever you equip an artifact, this minion gains +Attack equal to the artifact’s cost.
War Exorcist LYONAR Legendary MINION 5 3/8 Provoke. At the start of your turn, Holy Immolation your damaged minions.
Meditate SONGHAI Rare SPELL 0 N/A Shuffle five copies of the spell you cast most recently into your deck.

Streamer Schedule

Please note that this is a tentative schedule based on the streamer’s availability and thus is subject to change.

Date Time Streamer
Monday, March 5 12:30pm PST Son of Makuta
Tuesday, March 6 5:00pm PST Collazo
Wednesday, March 7 4:30pm PST Scarzig
Thursday, March 8 9:00am PST Ghostly Tuna
Friday, March 9 3:00pm PST Freud
Saturday, March 10 7:00am PST Captain Frost
Monday, March 12 7:00am PST Hsuku
Tuesday, March 13 12:00pm PST F8D
Thursday, March 15 4:30pm PST Grinch
Saturday, March 17 8:00pm PST Sylvermyst

Spoiler Season 06 | Week One, Day 3 - Scarzig


how many spoilers a day or is that discoverable : ^ )


I gotta say: hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype


@ThanatosNoa no expansion name?


Discoverable :^)

Going to reference this


At least we got the stats+ image of the Massacre artist


Nevermind guys, I will post this elsewhere.


I have to say, i’m most excited for Istanu, er… Khanuum-ka. There are so many shenanigans to be had there.


Hopefully Lyonar gets bulky shit, provoke x3


could the khamuun-ka just win? if the general has 3 or greater attack…

against like magmar or something?


If you had enough Dervishes on board to continuously spawn Khanuum-Ka, then yes!

… If you had that many Dervishes on board, they probably weren’t going to win anyways either :thonk:


doesnt khamuun-ka replace itself, or did i read it wrong


It could replace a different Khanuum-Ka, but it can’t replace itself.

When it dies, it replaces a different Dervish. If there’s no other Dervish on the field, it can’t come back (it’s not a Sarlac).

The Keyword Dying Wish means there needs to be another Dervish before it dies, invalidating Khanuum-Ka as it’s own target.


if there was 2 of them on the battlefield would they continuously replace each other?


Unfortunately not, that’s not how they work!

When one dies, it makes the other disappear (which means it doesn’t trigger the Dying Wish) and thus you’re stuck with only 1 Khanuum-Ka!


ok i get it now, thanks for the help I thought this card was OP…


I mean, there’s a significant possibility this card is, in fact, OP. Honestly, with how well cataclysmic fault already works and how hard this combos with it, I’m going to have to see proof that this thing isn’t OP to believe it’s not. Time will tell.


There is also a significant possibility that this card is overhyped, everybody is thinking of the dream scenario where you drop Fault on an empty board against Vaath and pummel him on the next turn with dervishes. Against every non Vaath/Zir’an deck this is going to be “sacrifice all your Dervishes to do massive damage to minions with 3 or higher attack”, basically a Reversed Plasma Storm that requires setup.


Massive damage to minions with over two attack. And don’t forget that obelysks and iron shroud and sandswirl reader are a thing, and that cataclysmic fault is already good and makes your opponent fight an uphill battle for the rest of the game unless they can win quickly or drop a lightbender in the right spot. So I’m just thinking, stack khanuums on top of all the other dervish stuff Vetruvian has to play with, and the potential becomes pretty scary.

Also don’t forget that khanuums themselves are reasonably sticky, you have to kill every dervish on board or dispel/transform them to solve the problem, not unrealistic expectations there or anything, but it still means cryogenesis/ritual banishing/phoenix fire doesn’t do the job.