Excelsious with Argeon?! O.o (theory)


So I was wondering if it could work, playing big-ass provokes every turn healing as much as possible.
It most likely won’t… But I will try anyways.

Any suggestions?


I’ve actually played against something similar. What’s good about the deck is how you don’t even have to force synergy since you run decent amounts of heals in argeon anyway, and now with scintilla you run even more. All it takes is to make a more or less standard midrange argeon deck and find space for an excelsious or two.


No holy tigers? :open_mouth: I’m not a big fan of sunbreaker and sky burial aswell, also with the amount of healing you already have maybe you could cut the sundrop elixirs? And maybe i’d add a couple of sunbloom…annnd personally i prefer to run more 2 mana drops to be sure i dont skip the first turn play since you have so many good things at 4 mana

Just my 2 cents


@melkorita I wanted to make this deck as different from tempo Lyonar as I could, also I tired of burn lethals and this deck tries to win by provokes.
More 2-drops? It’s not a tempo deck. Also keep in mind this I made this for memes.
Aaaand sky burial… I honestly never tried it so I thought “hey, maybe that will kill those annoying value generators”, but I will try some combinations of martydom, lasting judgment and that new 1 mana 4 dmg spell. I will probably end up playing tigers anyway (4 mana 5 dmg is pretty good removal I guess).
Sunbreaker is kind of weird but I just want to try as many new cards as possible in just one deck.


Adding some dispel like sunbloom sounds good.
I would also remove Sky Phalanx since you already have the great Excelsious :grin:
Doubt you need so many 8 cost cards.


sky burial cant do much in a deck like this, can it? your goal is to provoke them so they wont have many opportunities to run away from anything they’ve played.


Not necessarily play tend not play stuff close to provokes because well they provoke but I just don’t like sky burial people accidentally play around to much.


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