Evolutionary Apex Deck - Testing in Diamond


Since I pulled an Evolutionary Apex and I wanted to take a crack at the Grandmaster I decided to put my post-UP Spirit into this deck. It’s fairly unrefined, since I don’t play a huge amount of games per day, but it’s 3-1 at the start of Diamond so it might be worth looking into. My one loss was to a Vet that was holding onto Nosh-Rak when I Apex’d, which honestly was just hilarious.

The deck is basically just “Play as many giant things as possible and pressure your opponent to constantly answer increasingly powerful threats”. It has no T1 play unless you hit Flash, but that’s ok. As weird as it is to say, you can generally ignore T1 since everything you play down is such a giant threat by itself that you can quickly wear opponents out without consuming too many resources of your own. You have tempo tools in the usual Lavaslasher/Makantor, and Thunderhorn also causes a lot of headaches and usually forces difficult plays to remove.

Since you usually aren’t playing more than 1 card per turn, your hand tends to remain quite full late into the game. That’s where Evolutionary Apex comes in - your goal is to keep 3-4 powerful threats in hand to super-cheat them all out and force an all-out war. Most opponents will be exhausting their hand during the game to put down minions and remove your own, so you don’t tend to give that many minions to your opponent. If you do you have Thunderhorn to take advantage of them. If you have a Makantor in hand when you Apex it gets thrown out with Rush as per usual (though its spawn is random so it may not hit much). Tectonic Spikes is there as a refresh option for after you use Apex, as it almost always cleans your hand out.

The nice thing about this deck is that even if your opponent does have 2-3 minions that get placed with Apex, they are usually lower-quality than your own ones since your curve is irresponsibly high. If they do have that many minions to throw down it usually cripples their next turn, as you basically drain their hand of every card and their minions can’t generally kill yours.

It’s worth noting that I have not cast an especially high-value Apex in all of the games I played with this deck. It’s obviously important to get, but it’s definitely possible to simply out-value your opponent before even getting to play it. This is where Earth Sphere tends to come in, keeping you in the game whilst you pick and choose your heavy hitters.

Some other notes on specific card choices:

Vaath over Starhorn for two reasons - You don’t want to give your opponents more cards to proc Apex with, and Vaath’s BBS adds to the pressure generated by this deck. Due to the low number of cards played during most turns, you’ll want to BBS often so you can make the best use of your Mana, and Seeking Eye would be a bad BBS to spam in most matches.

Terradon is here because the 8 HP is a giant roadblock early game. Only 2 copies due to space.

Komodo Charger is great for this deck since Apex doesn’t proc Opening Gambits, which means it tutors out your 5/6 with no cost. If you do have to play it earlier it’s still ok, as it synergises well with Thunderhorn and Makantor.

No Drogon due to space. I’d love to have it, and it would go great with Apex on 8 Mana, but Sunsteel/Thunderhorn are better 4-drops so it doesn’t make the cut.

No Keeper of the Vale looks weird, but Keeper is a terrible card to have in hand when you play Apex. You don’t trigger OG’s when you force minions on the board like that, so it becomes a horribly weak 3/4 that often clogs up your hand. Great for its own archetype, terrible for this style of deck.

Silithar Elder is partly because I only have 2 Grandmaster and didn’t want to have 3 Juggernauts, but the slightly lower Mana cost and Rebirth do give it some advantages. This could be replaced with EMP if you’re worried about value generators.

Other options would include Elucidator for more Rush, Blood Taura for the giant body, and Meltdown to try and pick off a Big Bad that the opponent got off of Apex. You could cut back on some spells for these, but I feel like all of them are necessary.



what about abjudicator?? or manaforger?


Just because a deck is based around a spell does it mean the cost of the spell should be reduced


Have you run into an instance where you’ve been surrounded by the time you can cast Evolutionary Apex? If so, how has this impacted your play?

Also, do you know what happens when the two generals are close enough they share adjacent spaces?


Are you called Zaowi ingame?
I remember someone called zaowi using that deck against me
Fortanetly i had 2 martyrdoms and a well positioned thunderhorn to deal with elder,lavaslasher and kraigon and ensure victory


@felipemello29 I initially wanted to run Abjudicator when theorising this concept, but the body is non-existent and much like Keeper it gives you a bad card to summon with Apex. With the deck how it is literally the worst card you can summon is a 2/8, which isn’t even bad to be honest.

@longshot405 So far I haven’t been especially threatened by a surround situation, though I haven’t played a swarm deck yet so it’d definitely be possible. Thunderhorn dissuades people from going for the full surround. If I feel like I’m going up against that type of deck I’d be keeping hold of Plasma Storm/Thunderhorn/Makantor for sure.

I also have no idea what happens if you’re too close to the opponent - the closest I’ve gotten is forcing an Arcanyst Faie to dump down 3 minions near me, but I didn’t have enough minions of my own to clog up too many spaces. I’ll add that to my testing list!

@terrarius Haha, no, I’m gamercal in-game too. Zaowi is waaaay above my league as a player! Nice job being able to hard remove the biggest threats though, it can be pretty tricky to keep enough removal around to do that. I haven’t played against Lyonar yet (both Vet’s, Kaleos and Faie were my four matches), but I suspect that it would be a somewhat difficult matchup with all the giant Provoke’s that I could struggle with taking out, and if they’re running Aperion’s Claim your Apex gets hard-countered. I should be fairly good against Swarm variants though, what with the aforementioned Thunderhorn/Plasma Storm/Makantor (and Kraigon if I can get that out).


I would try to have more rush minions, say elucidators. So when Apex hits, you are more likely to have immediate threats.

What you don’t want is to apex out your opponents eternity painter without answer.


I’ll see if I can find space for a couple of Elucidator, yeah. Having that combo with Apex would be pretty potent, especially since it wouldn’t self-harm then. Maybe instead of a Komodo Hunter or something, though it would really hurt to lose that massive threat and I don’t want to have even fewer 3-drops and risk playing nothing for two turns. I’m not a huge fan of Sabrespine Tiger for this deck though - it doesn’t stick around on the board ever, so it’s basically giving your opponent the board for free. I also don’t have any of the burst combos to go with it (I wanted Diretide Frenzy but I couldn’t fit it in), so as weird as it sounds it’s actually too weak for this deck.

Probably the best bet would be to remove a Tectonic Spikes and maybe an Earth Sphere for them. I might give that a go, though I’m worried it’ll kill my consistency.


YouR deck is genial!
Iam not SURE if hes good but is surely fun.
Unfortunetly hes expansível and i cant pay for it T.T


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