Everyone says Reva has been nerfed, but can someone please explain to me how!?


I read the most recent patch notes and after that everyone keeps o. Saying that Reva was nerfed somehow and I’ve seen no evidence in regards to that in patch notes…Am I missing something here or have I finally become crazy to the point of not understanding words even!?


I think people are referring to when Mana Vortex got changed. It used to draw the player an extra card while lowering the cost of the next spell by 1. The effect of drawing an extra card at the end of the turn was removed, and that card’s change affected Reva’s ability to play as fast as she once could.


Another change was Lantern Fox 2/4 -> 2/3, although it didn’t hit Reva as hard as the Mana Vortex nerf.


The patch hit Reva’s ability to recover from her combos. Spellhai/Aggrohai is a bit reliant on gigantic swing turns where they dump their hand and swing the board in their or take off 3/4 of your hp. The nerf hit Reva’s ability to recover from these swing turns. The patch gutted Mana Vortex and changed Spelljammer to a 4 mana card. This pretty much means when Reva drops 5 cards to make a 7/6 Avatar and burn your face she’s left with 1 card instead of say 3 and has a harder time using Spelljammer to recover from that combo.


You were reading the wrong patch notes it seems. An honest mistake. Here you go buddy: https://news.duelyst.com/duelyst-patch-1-76/


So I’m still confused as to how this effects reva specifically rather than Songhai as a faction. Songhai has always been a bursts faction and all i see those changes doing is making it slow down and/or shuffle a few cards. I can’t seem to grasp why people seem to insist that those were the changes that reva needed (not wanted) rather than just claim that it effects Songhai as a whole. But hey, maybe i just don’t play enough Songhai to understand:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh. It’s not really about that. Reva aggro was simply an extremely strong deck in the meta and the reason for the changes so when some of the cards that deck runs (but are also obviously a part of songhai faction as a whole) get nerfed, it makes sense to reference how she as a general got nerfed. It’s just semantics, the entire faction is weaker as a result and no one’s denying that. Now, how exactly is kaleos weaker because of the nerfs in comparison to reva is up to debate.


Oh…well that was…reasonable to say the least. Thanks

now my Brain can focus on other important things like how ham on blade seeker is basically heart seekers big sister (I mean c’mon those thighs gotta run in da family:grin:


Oi, Reva got them thighs too, though they are rarely the same colour after Sunriser finished showing her what burning light really does lol


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