Everyone say something you dislike about the game and a way you would want to fix it


Mobile would be great. And I want a Linux client. Chrome is fine and I understand it’s low priority, but I and all the other Linux users are waiting.


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What I like about Duelyst:

The displayed creativity and bravado when it comes to designing new cards. I don’t think I have played another card game that is evolving as much and as quickly as Duelyst is. The designers do a great job of pushing the envelope with every new expansion. This comes at the risk of making mistakes, but no innovation without the occasional misstep. Please never lose the willingness to make the occasional mistake.

What I don’t like:


This is a game that has a ranked mode, tournaments and even a world championship. Yet it does not have a comprehensive rules text. Just pay someone to write a rules F.A.Q. whenever a new expansion comes out. I know it’s not game breaking and eventually you get used to it, but it is kinda frustrating.


Also I don’t like that the snore emote isn’t unlocked by default. I would fix that by making the snore emote for every general unlocked by default.


upgrade art like league of legends evolved. max deck size increase to 45 while still retaining 40 deck minimum requirement. miss monthly cards give us something to play the game monthly than having a drought after first 2 months then 1 to 2 months of waiting for new content


What I like:

  • Artstyle in general. Pixel art, animation is awesome.
  • Diversity in viable playstyles. Most recent metas had viable decks ranging from aggro to control, from solo to minion heavy - that’s good. Yeah, I want to stress, that I think solo decks ARE good and healthy as long as they are not dominant. Just 'cause diversity.
  • Lots of tools for stupid crazy synergies (arcanysts, infinite sarlacs, dance of memes and such - I love them all). Gimmicks are cool and funny, and also make me proud of myself when I discover them. Really, of all card games I played Duelyst has funniest gimmicks. IMO, at least.
  • Wonderful community.

What I don’t like:

  • Neutral cards dominating the meta: Thunderhorn and EMP currently, the former being more problematic.
  • Artstyle inconsistencies between old and new generals.
  • Prismatic cards. Really, devs, I love you for the game, but this solution seems kinda lazy. In several games “shiny”, “holographic” or smth versions of the cards look much better, but this prismatic stuff looks ugly and makes your sprites actually look worse. I have to admit that this problem probably arises from the fact that non-prismatic cards look awesome already, and I can’t really think of a way to make them look better, but still…
  • I fear abyssian creep cards rotation. But it’s too soon to discuss this in-depth. We’ll see…

What I wish:

  • Some RPG or TBS (preferably single player) in the same setting.
  • Oh, yeah, and also a way to BUY special limited edition skins (notably dank mystic).

All in all, while I’m taking a break from Duelyst rn, I still think it’s an awesome game with minor flaws, and I’ll definitely will continue playing it.
And visit the forums, guys :slight_smile:


what I like:

  • mostly I just like the grid board it is a lot more interesting to play on than hearthstone it reminds me a little bit of playing final fantasy tactics

what I don’t like: the way ranged minions work in this game

  • in final fantasy tactics there where different lvls of terrain the board was not flat and if u where on high ground your ranged characters would gain range

  • ranged characters had a set range and based on the board u where playing on it added more strategy to the game if u could hold the high ground. It drives me crazy how little counter play there is to ranged minions in this game they just have max range and as long as they are on the back line u need to use hard removal

how I would fix it : give ranged minions various set ranges depending on there power and introduce game boards with different lvls of terrain

  • adding terrain with high and low ground to this game could make room for new effects on cards and add a new lvl of counter play


I want some terrain effects too, but I think it would be hard to balance that and tiles.

I can’t remember the name of the game, but @epicflygon and I were talking about a certain game that had terrain effects and effects based on how high you were above ground level.

Don’t really know about the ranged aspect of it though, could be broken or battle pet level of weak.


It could have been shardbound which was duelyst but had an emphasis on the board.

Duelyst is more a card game with a board and not a board game with cards, the game is about using your replace mechanic optimally to win.

also please check discord


Things I like/want more of:

  • Healing. Getting more life to work with and helping games go a bit longer is good.
  • Mutual/global effects. Decimate, Spelljammer, Starhorn’s BBS, Tempest, Enfeeble, EMP, Magesworn, Homeostatic Rebuke. Maximizing your benefit and minimizing your opponent’s benefit from these effects is great and makes strong effects feel more fair (If done well. I can only imagine the extra difficulty of balancing these).
  • Small random events. Wind Dervishes, Twin Strike, Kron, Cascading Rebirth. These are great ways to make every game and turn different while still feeling fair.


it is pretty hard to be worse than a battle pet u cant control :laughing: they seem really easy to punish if u have the right card to set in front of them

IDK but I think it would just make positioning your ranged a little more important might make the cards that increase movement a little more valuable as well , having more though on positioning and counter play to ranged would be nice though.


Like this?

Conflicted Soldier
3 mana 5/5
At the end of each turn, deal 1 damage to the enemy general. This minion is only controlled by the enemy general, during their turn.

So the idea is it’s a friendly minion just like any other, but controlled only by the enemy during their turn.


Hello everybody and thanks for this chance of sharing some thoughts on things we like and dislike.
Here’s my list of things I dislike with propositions for possible solutions:

  • Unbalance in the game. Since I started playing this game I’ve never felt like all the factions have had virtually the same possibilities of being competitive at all levels: there’s always some factions dominating the meta to the detriment of the others. In my opinion the devs would have to really think through when they design cards for every factions, testing them and answer as quick as possible to the needs of the game in order to restore balance in the meta.
  • RNG cards. I would remove all the effects that make a card spawn random minions, deal damage to random targets and that have a % of chance for damaging a target.
  • Lack of uniformity in the artworks and aesthetic between old and new artworks. I prefer personally the old style artwork, more catchy and somehow coherent to D. universe.
  • Prismatic cards. I’d modify them into different artwork versions of the same card and make them rarer and/or price for achievements/tournaments.
  • Minor aesthetical things. The way the original mechs look: their head is too big; the way Zirix sprite looks: his legs are too short and his head is too big; the way emojis look cut in the shop and the way orbs look cut in the purchase area and in the “transforming chamber”.
  • Impossibility of watching your replays from the opponent’s point of view. I’d add a button for it.
  • Non existence of the rewind button in replays. I’d add a button with 3 speeds.
  • Too simple AI of the training mode enemies. Could they be a bit smarter and challanging?
  • Unappealing/unclear tournament system. It’s not really clear from me how to take part in tournaments, and I wish they would be more accessible from the game and that there would be more kinds, like team match games.
  • Some BBS. Imho Faye’s should damage ANYTHING in the same line as the enemy general and Zirix’s should spawn dervishes on a nearby space which is not random.

Here’s a list of things I really like:

  • The Duelyst universe, with its story and its factions.
  • Duelyst’s aesthetic, music, graphic and animation. I especially enjoy this part, thank you very very much for your amazing work in this department <3 !.
  • The cards design, the types of creatures, the faction logic, the specific characteristics of each of them.
  • The game mechanic in general and game system with its tutorial, challenges, bosses and ladder system.
  • The forum community, with lots of nice and fun people very helpful and genuinely passionate about this game.
  • The fact that the game is virtually not tiring: of course one can get tired of playing per se, but the game doesn’t get boring, making every game session potentially always fun (as long as you find challengers).


OLD ART!! What is going with the current state of the art at the moment?!? Every time I play I feel a little sick looking at the Abyssian art as it announces it.

Easy fix, do a visual update for general splashes and a couple of old animations


While we’re way past the point of adding things like terrain height as a core mechanic (though there could be a set that has high ground and low ground as special tile effects created by minions and spells) I absolutely agree that ranged minions in this game are no fun. The ability ranged is too strong in a vacuum, therefore all ranged units have to be weak enough that ranged will never be top-tier, because any theoretical top-tier ranged deck would be about as fun to lose against as firestorm mantra or kite Songhai. Also, ranged units kind of break the Gauntlet.

My solution? Give ranged a range. Instead of being able to hit anything, ranged units can shoot targets up to four spaces away, taking orthogonal steps only. So they could hit something two diagonal spaces away, but not three. Then give all ranged units health buffs or cost reductions or whatever balance changes might actually make them viable with the new ranged mechanic. This way, it might be possible to have ranged units that are strong enough to play with the big boys without risking the unfun situation of out-of-control across-the-board ranged minions wrecking one player.

I posted about this earlier, but I think a lot of Duelyst’s abilities are so strong that it’s hard to balance things that have those abilities, so you end up with a lot of cards that are just too weak to play, and a few that are so strong they’re everywhere.


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