Everyone say something you dislike about the game and a way you would want to fix it


Tell me more about this…official Duelyst Discord.



Problem: not enough cards. When I make a deck with a theme, I want to have a selection of cards thrice as big as my deck.

Solution: MOAR CARDS. Hit me up, @CPG I’m cheap labor.


I love Duelyst’s card synergies, looking for them, test them out, find out if they are viable. I resonate especially with Vanar’s flavour, with their vespyrs, walls and freeze.

Sadly, when I’m looking for Vanar replays to see what synergies other players have found, I mostly see Faies with a lot of solid neutral cards.

I am not sure if it is because it is cheaper to spend spirit on good neutral cards that can be used in any faction rather than good faction cards, or if the faction cards are less viable than neutrals in competitive games.

My take on “fixing” this would be either be

  • make faction cards that enables interesting synergies be less spirit hungry.
  • tone down the impact of some neutral cards to make faction cards more appealing.
  • find some way to buff synergy enablers to have the synergy happen more often rather than the synergy being stronger.

I am really looking forward to the next expansion and the first set rotation.


Yeah I only play on the standalone client with high speed internet. Still garbage!


What I like:

  • the pixel art, which is always excellent and super exciting to me
  • every effect which relies on positioning, which is the distinctive trait of this game
  • the number of choices to be taken in each match, which strikes a good balance between simplicity and complexity

What I don’t like:

  • RNG cards with high variance like Grimes. It is a non-existent issue at the moment, but I don’t want to see more of this
  • there is a skew towards an aggressive midrange meta. I would like to see more diverse playstyles, including better control and combo decks without dumb extremes
  • the lack of more frequent game updates and communication by the developers


I like the units with “personality” in their animations. While most of the pixel art is excellent, most units just stand around like statues and do their animations. You don’t really know anything about the unit through their animations. However, a few units have expressive animations and, to be, they are the best.

Examples include:

  • Jaxi crying and getting upset on death
  • Rancour’s sassy snap
  • Matter Shaper yawning while its tentacles attack
  • Zyx cracking sinisterly before throwing his flask
  • Ursaplomb. Just ursaplomb.

Even subtle animations (Nimbus laughing before attacks, Light bender bowing before attacks, serpenti bumping his head and looking confused) make these units a lot more memorable than others. Even if these small animations serve no purpose to a unit’s action, they add so much character to these lumps of pixels.


Consider trying Steam. I use it and don’t have problems with it. Also, hi there.


Can’t forget the sociopathic crown prince of personality cards, the capricious marauder. He doesn’t even use that glowing scythe to attack, he just leans on it because standing up straight is for people who aren’t cool enough to murder everyone all of the time.


I have a lot of decks & I play all factions. I don’t like scrolling down to find a deck that I want to modify.
I wish they could categorize by factions and/or generals to mod/create decks. This would help with different strategies with same generals in one location.


You already can! Just search the faction/colour/deck name in the search bar.

(unless you are not talking about ladder.)


Speaking of animations with a personality, My fav is definitely Ghoulie. Just gorgeous. Ursaplomb deserves a honorable mention too :stuck_out_tongue:


Sunsteel defendee tho. That attack animation looks totally sick. He just wrecks the heck out of his enemy with a heavy 1-2 followed by this exploding hammerfall.


I know this may come as a big surprise, but I’m a real big fan of the in-game lore and any work done to progress it would be much appreciated! (you know, like adding a lore search option in the card search)

And even though I wasn’t here for them, the seven sisters ciphers sounded epic!


Honestly? The text bugs. TIP.DIFFICULTY.MEDIUM or whatever it is and DyingWish.OnReturnToHand and such. They make the game feel amateurish and unpolished because they’re such obvious, fixable bugs. I’d like the devs to do a proper “bugfix” sprint; I think it’d do a lot.

I rave about Duelyst’s colour work all the time, but I can rave some more for you if you like @ThanatosNoa. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unseven’s pixelart is beautifully stylised and readable, and the palette is to die for. It’s actually killed some other games’ pixelart for me. ):

All the Duelyst artworks have colour work to die for. Just go look at it. I’m a big fan of Nicola Saviori’s work as well, so having him on board for the new general art really makes me happy, too.


Nah, I’m referring to the “collection” area.
Where you build & modify decks. Right now, it’s 1 Long lists of decks. If they had a folder by general or faction that would be easier to see the decks under that general. So, if you click zirix, you can see just your golem deck, obelisks deck, thunderhorn/LITD deck, etc


I happen to enjoy furiosa’s death animation (even though i hate seeing her die when i play swarm lol) cause it looks just so deliciously smooth.


Things I like about this game: The overall way the game is played is insanely unique and the game overall is one of the best card games I’ve ever played. I have a long history with the yugioh competitive scene and this game pulled me right out of it and gave me something new to look at. The card arts are amazing. The designs of the factions are amazing. Also the boss battles are very fun and challenging.

Things I dislike and ways I would fix them: I dislike how hard it is for new players to start a collection without spending money on the game. Progression is a major issue in this game. A big part of card games like these is building your collection but if the grind is too big it becomes off-putting to newer players (especially if they go to ranked and get squashed by builds using legendaries and epics that are staples for their faction) and one way I would fix it is by adding “structure decks” that would come with basic cards for every faction and possibly some basic nuetrals. I’ve made a post about it before.

I also dislike that after level 10 for your faction the only rewards are fancy cosmetic cards you already have. I think if they aren’t going to give us structure decks at least make the leveling system make any kind of sense whatsoever.


I like to spend a bunch of money (out of my steam wallet -point for CPG-) from time to time and get my cards, right now I can’t (these new expansions won’t give me all the copies); BUT I started to buy keys for Bosses boxes AND it isn’t worth it.
I like Steam, I love steam, and I love that I can open guides while in game (even if they suck).
I like the state of the game, where you can build many different competitive decks.
I like cosmetics, I don’t like their prices (I’m seriously thinking to buy one of the fields, but they aren’t cheap).
I like that I can give a Steam card to a friend so he/she can spend it on Duelyst (you could hook people into buying these if somehow “an special steam card for duelyst” had 3 random cosmetics along with the posibility of a “field” poping -since people feel like the value of things is higher when they buy it physically-; forget it I know It’s too hard).
I like that there aren’t bugs GoodJob.
I like the new content GJ.
I like bosses GJ.
I like trains… (well that doesn’t belong here but I like them :D).
I like the pixels :stuck_out_tongue: (desing).
I like Gundam… (that doesn’t belong here, or it does? :wink: ).
I like the UX (not quite on deck building, I mean, it’s good, but not great).
I like that you take a look at comunity and care about it GJ.
I like to test decks vs AI. (anyone hard mode, like, a deck made out of legendaries to test against)
I like free cards (maybe add a very little chance for a legend).
Pets, I like pets (give them an ability to deal double damage when counter ataking).

That’s all I think, ty for your time and have a good day. (PD: sorry for my english).


The fact the falcius is getting rotated out, a fantastic way to fix this problem would be to not rotate falcius out.