Everyone say something you dislike about the game and a way you would want to fix it


Just voice a problem you see with the game and your solution to it.


The first generation of general’s art and animations are inferior compared to the newer ones. I think they need a animation rework.


Artistic cohesion irritates me. You have this fabulous pixel art, generic but decent splash screens then horrible amateurish in game general portraits. Make up your mind on the art direction you intend to take and stick with it already.


Problem shadow watcher.
Answer: remove its deathwatch.

Jokes aside I would really like it for tournaments to be advertised in game and even be able to integrate them.


Any deck that completely ignores the board, and allows for ridiculous plays (Mantrahai, Artifacthai) They are ridiculous, braindead decks that don’t need a board, just to make sure that the general doesn’t take damage or takes enough damage to comeback gradually with spells or simply running away.

Increase long-range damage or more repositioning options. Mantra should be nerfed to not steal health, because that’s just ridiculous, and it turns the game around so hard, or at least increase its mana cost to 7.


Stagnation in available tools and archetypes. Quantity of cards across all sets is limited by the animation requirements, but I’d like to see more frequent balance patches that make more radical changes, rather than just numbers tweaks. Repurposing old friends for new, cool ideas each month! That’s the essence of OCGs for me.


cassyvas art problems. in some art her scar is \ in others its /
make up your mind!!!


weeeeelll it switches wherever she’s facing ingame so maybe it’s fine lol. I’d rather it become a canon magic thing her face does because she can’t remember her old human form very well.


Problem: A large number of cards are completely competitively unplayable.

Solution: Abandon the current scheme of only nerfing extreme problem cards, and rebalance basically the whole game, a chunk at a time, until a year or two from now, a much larger portion of the card pool is competitively playable, and none of the cards are total trash anymore.

It’s a nice dream…


Then expansions would be useless;)


Merchandise, a fisical prove to show the world the game exist (makantor jisus irl stickers ;P), a small card game or something to make people already interested in other card games say “Hey where did this came from”. I need this, so people won’t come and say “what?” when I explain that I was playing Duelyst.

Premade average decks to buy, I mean look at other ccgs I can buy a deck on PTGCO, why not here? (I know there are few cards right know, but “meme” decks that make use of clunky cards in the way they where though to be played + some staples, should be fun and not that hard to sell and make). And now that I get to this point why not include quick tournaments (around 8-16 people) in which you can only choose from this decks? casual players would be delighted.


I like the vet card Sirocco! It, and any card with a similar effect, should have a sirocco icon with a counter on only your screen, under your generals portrait, to show how many golems will be summoned with his effect.


Whaaat no no no. The best part about cards like those is counting your strikes. Makes me feel like neji or hinata from naruto.


Lol my argument has been defeated. Neji always wins…always. rip


Just dropping in here to try to make this a bit more positive (constructive criticism is great, but it isn’t the only way to improve the game).

While mentioning something you dislike, don’t forget to mention something you do like (that you would like to see more of!). While we have a pretty good understanding of the fan favorites, we’re not mind-readers for the thousands of people that play our game.

Honestly, I can’t say this enough, we want to see what you guys like about the game too (so we can continue doing more of what you love!)


Things I really like about the game:

  • Positive Community! ( People more often than not accept your friend request, chat after a game and don’t BS emote you) I think this is partly thanks to the friend system duelyst offers. I do however like friend/ share-quests. This is a strong feat duelyst currently has and might need to expand if the game wants to grow. I like that this is a feelgood game ( at least for me).

  • Generous Spirit/ crafting/ orb acquiring system. We already had a thread about that comparing it with the system of HS (again…oops). I also really liked the Bloodbound/ Ancient Orbs as they gave you an insurance to get a set amount of value. Being able to COMPLETE a set (or buy it) helped to set a goal I put my efforts into. I think players need to see options how to assemble a collection. To me this is no cash grab, but something similar to the preconstructed decks many people seem to be longing for. I want more of those sets. Even with the current very rewarding quests I’d like to have more different options/possibilities. The current types of daily quests got somehow a bit monotone in my sixth month of gameplay.

  • The best thing about the game is its chess-like positioning game and board interaction. Keep that alive. Try to weaken game styles further that don’t interact with the grid for the most part and mostly run away. If too many “burn” styles are present in the game you effectively nullify the the existance of the grid. Then Duelyst will be played like any other card game that has “burn” style decks and the players will react to that. Look into what kind of playstyle drove away most players

  • I really like the Aesthetics of this game. Make it more present. Try to unify the non-pixalated art, maybe even rework some of it the player base seems still split about it. I’d like to see more ingame background options (nothing that needs a mod)


The servers in this game are garbage. How many times do we have to “hit a snag”. Especially in gauntlet this is bad. With a smaller playerbase this baffles the mind. So obviously find better servers and fix this problem! That or keep refunding me gold every time I hit snags in gauntlet. At this rate I’ll be swimming in gold :wink:

what I like- almost practically everything else. Duelyst is one of the best and most unique ccg’s out there period. And the artwork on everything is amazing.


The only thing I currently don’t like about Duelyst as of now would be the lack of a proper ‘unranked’ mode.

Sure, there is practice, but the computer is miles, even leagues away from being smart enough to actually challenge and improve the player. Sure, you may at least grasp the basics of dealing with a general and understanding how they function, but that is better done by playing as the general.

The problem with no unranked mode is that if you’re ‘competitive’ like me, you can get really stressed out when you frequently lose chevrons and drop down from near-gold to bottom silver all because you were trying out new, ungeneric decks or experimental units?

Adding an unranked mode would make the horde of extremely optimized, copy and pasted decks probably drop in usage, as now players get a chance to test whatever experimental, fun or meme decks they have! It would also be a way to have lots of fun in a non-competitive but still challenging match.

Another bonus of an unranked mode is that the grind to S-rank can be much easier if you (a) have sufficient knowledge of the game/meta and (b) have lost quite a lot of chevrons already due to large amounts of losses from tests. A mode like this could also stop burnouts by players being able to improve themselves without the ‘immense risk’ of losing.


try not playing using vpn or proxies. try not to play with the school wifi either. standalone client is the most stable for me.


i dislike how songhai’s best draw for aggro decks is spelljammer and i would fix it by making mana vortex draw a card again.

i dislike thunderhorn for being so answer or die in many scenarios. i would fix it by making it only deal damage to enemies surrounding the targeted enemy

i dislike how much of an anti fun card EMP is and would fix it by nerfing the stats to 7/7

i dislike desolator for how uninteractive it is, i would fix it by making it 2/2 or even 3/2 so cass cant just play and ping it to endlessly deal damage you can do nothing about (lets not talk about warbird)

i like duelyst official discord. i spend a lot of time there and am glad to have met the ppl i did

i like how lyonar is always a good faction to play pretty much no matter the meta

i like that they are adding an unlimited mode that i can still play all my cards in even after rotation

[things i wish]

i wish there was mobile
i wish there was more regular balance changes
i wish monthly cards and daily lethal challenges came back
i wish artificer academy also available to content creators on youtube
most importantly i wish more people would play this game