Ever Wondered What Duelyst Looked Like In March...of 2015?


Feast your eyes on this!

Before DuelystDB, before ManaSpring, before Bagoum, I made a google spreadsheet of every single card. However, I abandoned the project when the sites as mentioned before took over. Still, I found this lying around, and thought you guys would get a kick out of it.



Omg that Vindicator O.o, there were so many op cards like Makantor cost 5 wow.


A card that gives Grow… Cool!


Rite of the Undervault for 2 mana … can we have it back, pretty please?


That was the time of 2-card draw. In the current situation that version of rite would be busted af lol.


In my opinion Rite is still a strong card even after the mana cost increase. If it cost 1/3 of the mana I think it would literally be the best card in the game.


I see what you mean. 2 mana cost during the 2 card draw, so technically it should be 1 mana cost for 1 card draw. It’s not making me happy but let it not be said that I’m not willing to compromise. :relieved:


Looking over the old Vet cards eyes start tearing up
so… there really was once a time when we were viable.


Holy shit Drain Morale is awesome! I’d love AoE debuffs like that. I don’t think it would be OP.
Bring Drain Morale back! Fits the enemy getting dehydrated in the desert too :slight_smile:

Edit: and ‘Gateway’, kinda evokes images of minions being able to teleport from Obelysk to Obelysk… Man that would be cool…

Edit2: and they had some general healing to complement Sajj’s face-BBS. Yeah, I can see the appeal!


Can we get THAT Third Wish and Fountain Of Youth back? Like, seriously xD The game is getting to a point where that won’t even break it.


Was March of 2015 even in the beta period? I only remember being able to sign up for beta maybe in October at the earliest, and I do remember people saying that in alpha you filled your action bar every turn and crazy stuff like that (which might explain rite of the undervault here). There was even a “golden golems” deck that with a perfect hand would just dump a ton of golems on the field and win.


I wish some of you guys got play Vet in the past they weren’t just viable it was broken,It was broken in a way that would make you apologize for calling current Magmar or Abyssian broken /overpowered.Vet and Songhai had a streak months where they went back forth being the best faction.Even when Vet finally got its first big nerf the game a month or so later switch to one card draw and Vet was back to be good (it was one of only two factions with good card draw).

Then Vet got its second big nerf and like a month or two after Maser made facemonkey which had a similar on the game as the current Starhorn Magmar.Everytime I start to feel sorry for Vet or Songhai I remember losing on turn one as soon as player drop sand howler or being backstab for 21 damage.

Eventually Vet will be good again because the core of what makes Vet trouble in first place is still around which is the spells.Eventually CPG will slip up and give Vet good minions.

I apologize if I come across little salty .Vet was strong at point in were CPG took away Magmar reach much like they did with Siphon energy and well I don’t have to explain the rest.


Not gonna lie, I crutched real hard on old Nightsorrow Assassin and I miss it. Mana Burn is funny to see


Things that I want to see come back:

Elyx Stormblade:

  • A large minion that gives plenty of heals in the lategame. A nice simple way to allow slower decks to recover from all the face burning. (Re-visited in Rook’s Heal ability)

Lionheart Blessing and Amplification:

  • Ways to give Zeal and Grow effects (Giving stats through Zeal and Grow has not been revisited)

Bone Swarm/ Inner Oasis/ Fountain of Youth/ Time Maelstrom:

  • “free” cards that reward you for getting to the late game. (Revisited in Mandrake)

Third Wish/ Enslave/ Siphon Energy/ Drain Moral:

  • Ranged Removal for Vetruvian!? The orthodoxy levels are most un! (:cry:)

Spectral Blade:

  • The amazing flying general! (Somewhat revisited in Incenera and Elyx Stormblade)

Komodo Charger:

  • Why do I get the feeling that I would really hate this card if it existed today?


I nearly vomited in disgust! what an unsightly mess!


yeah, the time when vet was the ramp faction, with built-in wincon ang sonhgai killing people from 25 on turn 2. Good ol times


The good old days of Hamon into triple IF = 24 in one turn with the general hit for the kill?


nah, that would be too slow ;p


I still have nightmares about that version of Lantern Fox


I remember when Time Maelstrom was different. It coated 6 then 7, 8 and then 9 and then reworked. I watched Atlanta just abuse the hell out of it and with the old scion’s third wish vetruvian was the best along with the 2 card draws per turn. Oh things have changed for vetruvian so much.