Even more random card ideas, Neutral-style


Hi, I exist.

I have already plagued Vetruvian Imperium, so let’s lay off the egyptians for a while and move on to the neutral units! Now with card pictures so that I don’t have to type up long expos for every card all the freaking time.

Azure Head Priest:

  1. Haha, here’s a fun one. I once was intending to make this a 5/5 and for it to heal Generals as well, but then I realized this would be a massive wincard for Lyonar Kingdoms. I mean, it still is, but at least the body has been weakened and it no longer heals your General. I still think this needs serious updates before it’s not broken. The large mana cost doesn’t do much to hide the fact that this is really strong.
  2. Excelsious should have a lot of fun with this card, considering that you could play it the next turn after and get a huge, most likely game-ending body. Lightchasers could also be buffed into infinity.
  3. Gold Vitriol could damage bodies a lot just by this spell being used.
  4. Overall, it’s just a great unit for healing that could seriously make Lightchasers beyond broken.

Son of Mechaz0r!:

  1. Wow, a Mechaz0r card. How much of a memer am I? Anyways here you go, neutral’s second structure minion, dedicated to Mechaz0r. I probably feel like adjusting the build time so that it’s viable but, then again, this unit when completed basically advances Mechaz0r completion by at least 70%, so you could actually start dealing with Two Mechaz0rs at once!
  2. The 6/6 body is great and the two Mechaz0r bodies summoned next to it work wonders as well. In fact, I’m probably going to decrease the building time by 1 but reduce the body to a 4/4, but my internet is bad and frequently refuses to load bagoum.
  3. Probably going to make mechaz0r decks ‘viable’ as this provides a lot of bodies! As well as potentially putting multiple Mechaz0rs! on the board.


Azure Head Shaman seems crazy with Zir’an. Forget excelcious just having a sunforge lancer, sunriser, or golden vitrol would be good damage potential. I’d imagine one would want to run skorn or naga since skorn’s getting rotated out (correct me if i’m wrong on that).

Now son of Mechaz0r! would be blatantly overpowered if not for the build (3) caveat. Still, is it summoning 2 Mechaz0r!s or 2 Mech units? There’s a big difference between the two so I just want to be sure on which it would be summoning.


and if it’s the latter it doesn’t pro, there OGs


It would be summoning two Mech units, not two Mechaz0rs. For clarification:

Mechaz0r!-Bloody win unite.
Mechaz0r-Units with Mechaz0r in their name.
Mech-Mech tribe.


If it was the later then the minion would probably have a higher cost.


As a zir,an main…azure head shaman is unplayable,even if it were 5/5 6 mana
To get value you need a HUGEboard of DAMAGED minions AND 1 healsynergy card onboard


1- Overall, this card is fairly weak, and probably would never see play. Now, since you’re working with neutrals, you need to balance them around what faction they’re strongest in. Obviously, since this heals minions, it has to be balanced with healyonar in mind.

Despite that even, this card probably wouldn’t be used. Minion healing in Duelyst is not very valuable, because it is rare for a minion to remain damaged for more than one turn, much less multiple damaged minions. You could probably get away with reducing the cost by one or two, and increasing the stats a bit, since the effect of this card is incredibly situational to the number or damaged minions you have on the board (it’s a very heavily gated effect).

2- First off, the build progress should either be increased or lowered (to 20 or 40 percent, since it only progresses by multiples of 20) I would say increased, since it is a build minion (and it should progress when first played, not when built). That way you get a little value even if it is removed, which is likely considering it costs 5 mana. I don’t really see many abuse cases for this card, and kinda like how it opens up build/mech decks. Build minions are robots anyways, so this is neat. 8/10 good card, would craft this and have fun.

Edit: I think I would change the wording to say that it summons two neutral mech units instead. If you intended to make it summon two full-blown Z0rs…that’s broken even for build.


honestly i think the shaman should be 5-6 mana, not 8. if you limited it to lyonar the strength could be justified as “in theme”

for the mech… shouldnt it be a mech and not a structure? also structures have a hard coded 0 attack. both opening gambits should be combined into 1 opening gambit, but its ability is a bit too powerful for its cost. its an interesting card, but it should be 6 mana mech with build(2).


mmm… I think this could work if it went as a neutral mech obelysk something like “mech factory” 4 cost, build (2), no opening gambit (I mean OG triggers when you summon it from the action bar, and that’s what makes balanced even being able summon a mech since they wont progress mechaz0r) keeping it as an structure 0/4 summon mech and mechs summoned nearby this minion gain +1/+1 (while building and after that).

I personally think that what mechaz0r need is something like 8 mana 5/9 progress mechaz0r 20% if this finishes mechazor build mechaz0r gains rush. You get to exploit that airdrop frenzy forcefield and get 2 big guys on the field. Anyway I don’t know why mechs only got 1 minion per faction (and most of them suck) when arcanyst and golems got 3 (and most of them are pretty powerful).


Azure horn ritemaster: six-mana 4/4, OG and DW: Restore 3 health to all allies.

There we go. The first version was unplayably weak. Eight-mana cards need to be able to destroy planet Namek in five minutes or less or they don’t get used. Now we’ve got a mid-late game card that can give two or three heal procs on being summoned, patches up our general and provides a little muscle to boot. A good Zir’an card, maybe, or a good control card. Or a good Zir’an control card.


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