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EurasianJay's Songhai decklists for February 2018

Hey guys and girls, thought I’d share some decklists i’ve been using to and in S this month (currently S15 as of writing) and offer brief (or in depth) explanations on them. So here we go:

Firestorm Mantra

First up we have a deck that needs no intruduction, the oh so interactive Firestorm Mantra, while different variants exsit, this is at it’s heart a control list that uses a shell very similar to another deck ill touch on in a bit. Control the board via spells that also push face damage and chip at them with burn and Blood Rage Mask until you can burn them out, usually killing them outright with a powerful Mantra or healing yourself back up for those longer games.

Tech options include less Twin Strike (a star vs swarm and lyonar tho) for even more burn in Spiral or maybe some utility with Eternity Painter, which would also let you squeeze in some Bamboozles if you feel the need for it.

**Credit to NowayitsJ for the spicy Marauder tech

Build Kaleos

Credit goes to Henrykator for the initial shell although I’ve departed quite a bit from it as I went on. The list i played more than any in S this season, what we have here is a removal resilient Midrange list, looking to play out buildings and grind away at our opponent with our heals, draw engine in T2 and eventually close with sustained Penumbaxx damage and our powerful Midrange tools.

Try to play defensively as you have good aggro matchups and anti aggro tools as long as you don’t position too aggressively. Bad matchups would be Magmar although Ragnora moreso than Vaath, though you have strong tools in that matchup as well.

CrankyHai/Artifact Songhai

Next up we have probably my most played deck in all of Duelyst, clocking in almost a insane 8 months back to back exclusively playing variants of this shell. What would later become the basis for the Mantra decks, here we have a control list that aims to use your mobility to escape opponents, keep your distance and finish out with either chip damage via burn/artifacts or big combo turns with Bangle and Saberspine Seal.

While easy to chalk off as less powerful than the Mantra list, Artifact songhai has a much higher range of consistent damage it can do per turn and a far stronger Magmar/Lyonar matchup, while boasting the same anti aggro tools and blanking removal against other decks.

Suggested changes would be cutting a Geomancer and a Tracer (only if you’re comfortable with your positioning) For 2 Zendo/Painter/tech of your choosing, which once again opens up your options to fir in a Bamboozle or two as you see fit.

Arcanyst Shidai

Lastly, another recently popular option in the Songhai arsenal has been Arcanyst Songhai, a deck that aims to abuse Shidai’s natural ability to trigger spellprocs and minions that synergize with spells being cast. This is essentially a snowball machine, looking to establish any number of arcanysts on board and completely overwhelm your opponents with the near infinite value provided by units such as Chakri Avatar, Owlbeast, Kindling etc.

Special mention goes to Scroll Bandit for being part of your most obnoxious opening turns and one of the most powerful in all of Duelyst, as playing it turn 1 and following up with a Owlbeast or Kindling + Juxtaposition is near gg against most decks in the meta. Kindling also deserves a mention of his own, being able to generate insane lethals by boosting the attack of your units to monstrous levels and especially for his synergy with Prismatic Illusionist.

Bad cards to go up against is EMP and just very aggressive lists in general, though in the former’s case you can still use Onyx Bear Seal or Kindling to usually start winning back the board. Suggested changes would be to use less Illusionists and kindlings/4 winds to buffer up your 3 drop spot, possibly with something like Ki Beholder since that shores up a lot of the deck’s weaknesses. Overall a fun and very powerful list.

That’s all for now, have fun on ladder and have a good day!


Alright… I never knew Shidai was out before shim’zar.

lul, good catch, you saw nothing though


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I was pretty hype for some pre-shimzar songhai decks, I’m not even joking, but I’m still pleased with the outcome.

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I’d like to go try that build kaleos, do you think it would be worth crafting the penumbraxxes, painters, architects and bamboozles?

I have 12k spirit to spend

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Painter and Bamboozle are solid crafts to have in general so really you’re only going deep on the build minions and T2 is a very solid card by itself imo. you could probably get by with only two braxx tho but if you have the spirit to spend and looking for a good time I say go for it!


alright, maybe I’ll go for it

Thank you fellow member of the Songhai Trinity for blessing us with these lists, I will be sure to use them with the utmost respect.

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Artihai basically doesn’t change with the flow of time. I however prefer having artihunter in the deck, and also mist walking for enhanced elusiveness)


By the way which deck lets me rekt Magmar and Vet exclusively, even if I lose against everything else? Asking for a friend.

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Why do you hate vet they’re balanced

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Why do people hate mantra, it’s balanced?

Not a matter of balance, just salt to the fifth power against all those BoA’s, falciuses, natural selects, plasma storms, elucidator, warbeast, lavaslasher, LitD and golems.


Artihai does best against Mag, the buildhai list is actually pretty solid against Vet but more than that it’s the midrange shell of Zendo, Horn, Painter and EMP, backed by heals that helps that matchup.


Time to save up 4000 spirit for all the build minions so I can get my revenge alsi to pray that the cat lovers don’t get too salty and start crying for nerfs when I whoop them with that deck.

Vet is one of the fairest factions right now

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just fair in a way that lets me win most of the time :eyes:


I’m not trying to confirm or deny that, I just have salt and it must be released unto the accursed ones until the very water from their skin is sucked by my endless salt and they will become like the sand which they hold so sacred.

Is that asking for too much after all the salt conversation I hear about nerfing 8g8s and bandit and Zendo?

@improbableblob, we will meet one day in ladder and your accursed obly deck will be torn asunder by the holy fire gifted from the very Trinity itself.


Hey man, who hurt you?
Why you gotta take it out on all of us?
The sand people haven’t done anything wrong.


the sand ppl have done hai wrong since the beginning of time


Vet is all about managing your resources and outplaying your opponent, he’s not a bad player I have full confidence in him