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Essential deck idea


Someone needs to make this a thing. I have the general idea but I’m not sure exactly what other supporting cards to run.


The most important thing for this deck is probably this


Lionize with Gauj looks weird :expressionless: .

If you are keeping Lionize then Magnetize or Elyx can help some movement from back to front.
War Judicator for more spell protection.
Wood-wen because wood-wen.

Pray your opponent has no dispel or AOE spells :grin:.

What is the main idea anyway? Bursty Lionize combos or being annoying with Gauj?


Just buff up Gauj to be able to stay alive forever. With Aegis Barrier plus Nexus he dies to very few things. All I can think of right now is Aperions and using stuff like tempest a lot of times.

I was thinking of something like this. Added in afterblaze for more health. I’m aware that Lionize is a really bad card but in here I was hoping to give Guaj celerity to attack twice but I guess for 5 mana that’s not so good. The early golem package is just to make this deck at least semi-not that bad.

And yeah I better hope they don’t have dispels but Winter’s Wake decks require you to pray they don’t have EMP/Plasma Storm. I didn’t say this is an S-Rank deck just fun to play.


provoke effects might be a better combo with sinister silhouette and gauj than lionize

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